Being Digital: Stronger With Value

Being Digital

Resilient and resistant

Being digital: stronger with value in the face of the future. The awareness is credited with the end of the confinement caused by the countermeasures for the  Covid-19 epidemic.

That the digitization of companies and relationships generally has very positive implications is confirmed by the fact that the most digitized companies were those able to quickly organize a prompt response to freezing economic activities.

Thinking and working differently with digital

Those who already had the digital tools could almost completely avoid the production block, keeping the relationships alive with their partners and continuing to make their commercial nucleus work.

Our economy has undergone what, in jargon, is called a  stress test of unimaginable proportions in the weeks of lockdown. And this process, a true point of discontinuity concerning the past, has also marked a clear division between those pursuing digital innovation and those who had not yet planned it, creating a dangerous rift in the entire production sector.

Think and work differently

Today is the time when entrepreneurs can understand real data in hand; what are the advantages of adhering to a digitization program?

Technology is a tool that can allow you to think and work differently, more effectively, and efficiently. But to get there, another change is needed that manifests itself only if there is a real choice toward innovation. That is, it is a question of the mind: this is what must change by adopting digital thinking methods: being digital will make us stronger, and this is the teaching that comes to us.

Risk of marginalization

Remaining anchored to past models, the risk of marginalization is huge: someone said there is nothing worse than trying to solve new problems with old tools.

The weeks of total suspension of economic activities caused by Covid-19 have shown that the digital economy is resilient, able to withstand the crises’ shocks, and more efficient.

Being digital: stronger with value in the face of the unexpected of the future, this is the teaching that comes to us. 

1.3 million new customers online

Not to be underestimated is the fact that the forced confinement of the population has forced people to take further steps toward adopting digital tools and methods. Nor is the fact that over 1.3 million first-time consumers started shopping online during the weeks of the lockdown. And it’s not just about entertainment or fitness but about a new model relating to purchasing (broadly) and the companies that sell.

Accenture research

According to recent research by  Accenture, Covid-19 has generated a real metamorphosis in purchasing habits:

  • 67% of consumers choose nearby shops.
  • 59% rely on trusted suppliers.
  • 50% are interested in cheaper products.

These dynamics affect all areas of commerce and economic activities: from banks (20% of customers want digitized banks) to large-scale retail trade (26% of customers are reviewing their relationship of trust with reference brands) to utilities (26% want to change supplier).

In all cases, the near future will see a shift in interactions between consumers and companies from physical to digital channels.

B2B and B2C are involved

Those described are behaviors that concern the B2C sphere. But they are not confined to the private sphere: they involve the entire economy, also influencing B2B relationships.

Even among companies, there has been an innovation in relationship and relationship models. First of all, a stronger sensitivity towards values ​​has developed: companies are expected to adopt growth strategies based on a system of values shared, making choices that have positive impacts on the community.

Therefore, among the side effects of the Covid-19 epidemic, we must include a positive reaffirmation of the attention to social and environmental sustainability, which is strengthened in their representing a strategic asset for companies.

Again according to Accenture, Italians expect their future to be more targeted in all types of consumption, more attentive to avoiding waste, and more directed towards companies that can guarantee them very high levels of reliability.

As an ancient African saying recalls, you can either escape from the past or learn something: anticipating innovation is a choice that increases a company’s resilience by strengthening its defenses against the unexpected. Being digital: stronger with value in the face of the future. 

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