HR Analytics And The Development Of Digital Talent

HR Analytics And The Development Of Digital Talent

Digital transformation in HR 

Digital transformation is reaching all aspects of life, people, and organizations. All these transformations are changing the landscape of Human Resources.

To be more competitive, people need to develop skills in new technologies, that is, their digital talent, and companies must develop new strategies to improve talent management.

In this sense, the RR. H H. should focus on two issues:

  • Democratization of companies. The market is increasingly demanding with companies, and those responsible for different areas demand more information from the HR department. H H. to manage teams and improve business results.
  • Individualized employee management. It is important to know how to motivate talented people in your company. The worker wants to feel unique, for the company to listen to and understand their needs in a personalized way.

HR Analytics to improve talent management

Data analysis in RR. H H. o HR Analytics can help organizations successfully develop new talent management models. In an HR Analytics project, the data is analyzed according to the organization’s needs to obtain valuable information for business strategies.

These are some of the data that can be analyzed:

  • Data of the people of an organization. To, for example, obtain information on the efficiency of the equipment.
  • Data from the informal network of a company. To detect hidden leaders, innovative people in work teams, etc.
  • External data. Like those of social networks about the company.
  • Context data. Like the calendar or the weather, which can affect, for example, absenteeism in a company.

To successfully tackle an HR Analytics project, it is essential to know the company’s needs, that is, what question is to be answered, and that this question is aligned with the business strategy.

It is also important to have a multidisciplinary team with different capacities: psychometricians, computer scientists, data scientists, and people who know the business.

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