Wireless Access Control And Integration

Wireless access control

Wireless access control, The term “integration” is increasingly used among security operators. If this expression clearly refers to a dialogue between different systems, in fact, it is unclear how this can take place, especially in access control. In fact, among the most frequently asked questions that come to the main manufacturers of wireless access control devices, such as SimonsVoss Technologies (Allegion Group), there is a precise question: “is it possible to manage your devices from proprietary software?” 

The request for managing internal gates with innovative and smart technologies has grown a lot in recent years, and several access control manufacturers have decided to introduce the SimonsVoss range in their offerings. The reasons for this request reside primarily in the desire to offer users a single control platform capable of also embracing security systems other than access control, a reason that is more than understandable when it represents an effective benefit for the customer in the specific project.

Integration, yes then, when the conditions exist, but what integration? For us, it is not limited to the parallel installation of our software aimed at the simple dialogue between two databases, but it consists of the possibility for the partner to control our devices directly from its platform.

For us, integrating into third-party software platforms means providing our partners with a development protocol that logically allows the management of products in a native way, such as proprietary wired readers. To do this, in addition to preparing a line of products dedicated to integration, SimonsVoss has developed a specific business made up of reliable and long-term collaborations with various technological partners.

Integrate wireless devices

Many access control manufacturers have wired solutions dedicated mainly to control external or more sensitive gates in their catalog. Nevertheless, the demand for control over a higher number of internal gates is constantly increasing on the market, and answering this question represents an additional business opportunity thanks to the integration of wireless devices.

The ability to quickly install wireless products without wiring allows a cost / effective implementation of internal gates or technical rooms, all intending to offer a solution that allows not only to increase safety standards but also safety .and facility, such as the elimination of all problems related to the management of old traditional mechanical keys.

This last consideration, coupled with the number of solutions available on the market today to transform buildings into smart buildings, suggests how unhistorical it is to continue wasting budgets and safely have holes in the internal passages.

Even the software houses

The growing trend in the Italian market is clear, as well as the international research on access control requests, growing even more marked in the case of wireless devices (Smart Locks). But it’s not just the access control vendors traditional are the only ones interested in integrating intelligent and wireless locking devices: an increasing number of software houses are approaching wireless devices for purposes other than security, such as those related to safety, energy saving, or the more linear organization of business (booking meeting rooms or sharing of workspaces).

On this basis, we can certainly affirm that what really does and will make the difference in implementing a stable and constructive collaboration with technological partners will be an approach from opportunistic to strategic, supported by constant technical and business development support, according to agreed strategies and shared communication. And, of course, let’s not forget that companies are made up of people: compact and solid teams are needed. 

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