You Can Definitely Afford This One! Apple’s Press Conference

Apple iPad

 Apple will bring three brand new tablets, including iPad 9, iPad mini 6, iPad Pro 2021.

 In conjunction with the news that broke the news before, the only tablet confirmed by Apple’s spring conference is the iPad Pro, which includes 11-inch and 12.9-inch versions, the latter will be the first mini-LED screen on the mobile terminal. It is precise because of insufficient mini-LED screen production capacity that Apple’s spring conference was forced to postpone. Whether the iPad mini 6 will be released is still uncertain, and the news that the iPad 9 will be released in the spring is the first time it has been exposed.

According to previous Apple product planning, iPad mini and iPad Pro are usually released in the spring, and iPad and iPad Air are usually released in the fall. The iPad Pro and iPad mini really need to be updated, but last fall, Apple just released the iPad 8, equipped with a powerful A12 Bionic processor, so there is no need to rush to release new products.

Earlier this year, MacRumors reported that Apple is preparing to launch a cheap version of the iPad, which uses a design similar to the iPad Air 3 and is upgraded to an A13 processor. 460g. In this way, it is indeed possible for Apple to release an iPad product in the spring.

Lei Technology believes that the main reason for Apple’s update of products after a lapse of six months may be due to the pressure from friends. Since the beginning of 2020, the demand for distance education and office has increased, and the tablet computer industry has ushered in a bull market.

Apple’s tablet PCs are clearly differentiated in class. iPad is a mass consumer product and is mainly used for the audio-visual experience; iPad mini has a smaller screen and has the strongest positioning as a game console; iPad Air is slightly higher and is mainly used for mid-to-high-end office; iPad Pro is A true flagship, an artifact of full productivity experience. However, the iPad was severely out of stock last year, and Android tablets took advantage of the rise.

In fact, for most ordinary consumers, the iPad is not used for productivity at all, and the Android tablet is completely sufficient. Last year, Huawei and Lenovo’s tablet computers had a significant impact on iPad sales. This year, Huawei will release the new MatePad Pro, and Lenovo will also release a new yoga tablet to continue to seize the Apple market. In addition, Xiaomi, which has stopped updating its tablet product line for three years, will also release a new tablet computer this year.

 Compared with Apple, Android tablets have a huge advantage, that is, the price is cheap enough. Therefore, facing the challenges of Huawei, Lenovo, and Xiaomi’s new products, Apple really needs to launch some cheaper products. We will know if there is a new iPad and what it looks like until late tomorrow night.

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