I Have Never Spoken To Musk, But I Admire Tesla


Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed some of Apple’s ideas about augmented reality (AR) equipment and manufacturing cars in an interview. He said that Apple expects augmented reality technology to improve the effectiveness of communication and interaction, and the company is very interested in manufacturing cars.

When talking about augmented reality, Cook believes that this technology is “essential” to Apple’s future, and said that augmented reality can help improve dialogue and communication.

For example, Cook said, “Now you and I are having a good conversation. It can be said that if we can use charts or other content in the conversation, the situation may be better.” Cook believes that augmented reality technology can be applied In the fields of healthcare, education, retail, and gaming: “With the popularity of mobile phones, augmented reality technology has begun to take off in some aspects of these fields. I think the future will be even greater.”

For many years, there have been rumors that Apple will develop an augmented reality headset. The latest news says that Apple may release a mixed reality device next year. There are already some augmented reality features on Apple’s iPhone and iPad. But apart from some interesting Snapchat filters, augmented reality technology has not yet been widely used.

In the question about whether Apple will make cars, Cook spoke broadly about Apple’s product strategy. Judging from the information in just a few words, it is not clear whether Apple is developing autonomous driving technology that can be licensed to other companies, or whether Apple plans to develop a complete vehicle on its own. Cook’s latest remarks seem to lean towards the latter, provided that the project can bear fruit.

Cook said: “We like to integrate hardware, software, and services, and find the intersection between them because we think this is where miracles happen.” This is what we like to do. We tend to have the main technology in this area. “

Cook called “automation” a “core technology” and said that “many things can be done” with robots. But he warned that not every Apple project will eventually be delivered. “Our company has studied many projects internally. Many of them have never been seen.” Cook added, “I am not saying that there are no similar projects.”

Cook also asked about Andy Herron 2017 · Musk (Elon Musk) failed to turn Tesla sold to Apple what to think. “You know, I have never spoken to Elon,” Cook said, “but I have great admiration and respect for the company he founded.” 

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