Oppo releases demo videos of new wireless charging technology, you can lift the device to charge it (but up to 10 cm),

Wireless Charging

There are only expectations for wireless charging. It’s packed with sound near futures. It’s a magical level story a while ago that you can charge the battery by leaving it in place without inserting the charger one by one. Oppo’s demo video of wireless charger technology will accelerate your dreams and expectations. Because even if you lift it from the charging pad, it still continues to charge!

A 30-second video posted was by Oppo’s official account at the time of MWC Shanghai 2021. The terminal that comes out is Oppo X 2021, which is a concept terminal with a take-up screen. Do you understand by watching the video? Even if I lift the device from the charging pad, it continues to charge! I can charge wirelessly while holding the terminal by hand and watching the video!

The wireless chargers in the world today can’t really just be placed on the pad. Wireless charging is not possible unless the coil of the charging pad and the coil built into the terminal are close. In other words, you have to put the airport on the pad to some extent “properly” instead of “poi.” Apple installed the MagSafe feature on the iPhone 12 line to naturally line up these “neat” charging coils.

Oppo’s demo that wireless charging is possible if the charger and the terminal are close to each other is exactly what the user wants for wireless charging. In fact, a few years ago, Ossia demonstrated something similar at CES. Last month, Xiaomi announced another similar type of wireless charging technology, dubbed “Mi Air Charge Technology.” However, neither of them has been commercialized at this stage.

Oppo’s wireless charging technology that has been released can be charged even if the terminal and the charging pad are not in contact, but according to The Verge’s interview, the distance must be within 10 cm. In other words, it is impossible to charge while walking around the house. Also, when watching the video, it seems that even if the terminal is away from the charging pad, it must be above it. It’s just a demo of a concept machine, so I don’t know when it will be commercialized or whether it will be commercialized in the first place.

There are still limits, but it’s a step forward!

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