Which Appliances Can You Lose After A Power Surge?

Appliances Power Surge

An electric or power surge occurs when surplus amount of current runs through your electrical devices. A power surge may take place for of a lot of reasons, for example a strike of lightning during a thunderstorm, broken or poorly connected wiring, an appliance consuming too much power, or a sudden electric blackout.

A power surge can be an extremely distressing event. It can result in the loss of valuable appliances that you have invested in. Here are a few of them.


A power surge can result in you losing your refrigerator. Summers can become unbearable without a working refrigerator. Simplest tasks like having a cold glass of water after a day at work can become tedious. Ice creams, ice cubes, chilled water bottles are all a necessity and it can become extremely frustrating in summer months. You can ensure that your house maintenance and repair is warranted with companies like First Company Warranty so that you do not lose on precious basic everyday appliances like a refrigerator.


While some of you may disagree with the fact that television is an essential electrical appliance for your home, most of you might consider it important. After a long day at work, you may want to watch the match after coming home or just have a good time while watching shows with your family at dinner. Your kids may also sulk at the thought of not having a television at their home while the other kids at school enjoy watching nickelodeon or Disney shows. So, a television is a common appliance found in most of the homes. However, it is also one of those devices which you may lose with a power surge.

Computer and Laptop

The ongoing COVID 19 pandemic has made us realize the importance of our offices. While, most of us enjoy working from home at our own pace and time, we also have a greater responsibility to take care of our electronic equipment that we use as a means of communication with our seniors and colleagues. One of the key equipment is our laptop or computer. Internet has allowed us to keep up with not only our work but also with our family and friends. We can easily pay utility bills and keep updated with the news with the comfort of our homes. With a power surge you may not only lose your laptop hard drive, but years of stored data that may be important for you and your employer.

Washing Machine

Washing clothes may become a daunting task in the summer months if you do not have a washing machines. Washing machines are essential to all households, especially if you are living with your family. It is also an extremely tedious task to find washing machine that suits your needs and requirements. So, it may be extremely distressing to lose your current washing machine to a power surge and look for another one.

Printers and Scanners

One of the most basic but extremely useful devices that you can lose in a power surge are printers and scanners. If you are working from home and need important documents on time without the hassle of running to your nearby printing shop, then you need to ensure that they are unaffected in case of a power surge.

Blenders, Mixers, Toasters

How boring would life become without a good smoothie once in a while or your favorite waffles in breakfast on a weekend? You can lose your access to your smoothie maker, waffle maker and other kitchen appliances with an unexpected power surge. If you savor your mid-day and late night snack cravings, then you know how essential it is to prevent them from breaking down and losing them in an event of a power surge. So, if you do not want to bid them an early farewell consider having a plan in place to prevent a power surge.

Game Consoles

Ask your children the distress of losing their gaming console to an unexpected power outage or broken wiring. You may want to consider having warranty for devices like gaming consoles in an event of a power surge. It might be unhealthy for your children to be using it all the time, but a short break after an hour of homework may not be a very bad idea.

Lamps And Thermostats

These are the most common and useful appliances in our homes and usually taken for granted. Lighting is essential to create an ambience for your visitors while temperature regulation ensures that you have a comfortable environment in your home. In a nutshell, both ensure that your house does not remain dark and dingy all around the year. Maintaining the temperature is also essential to keep your house safe from growing molds and other insects and creepy crawlers.

Final Words

If after reading the article you are panicking and worrying about losing your favorite appliances to electric surge, then you may want consider having a home repair plan in place. A power surge can not only cost your appliances but it a distressing and traumatic experience for you and family members. If you are in the process of setting up your home, then you should definitely consider it as it is essential for the safety of your home.

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