The Redmi K50 Series Promises To Be Very Interesting.

Redmi K50

For some time now, more and more information about the Redmi K50 and the various versions of this model has appeared on the web. It seems that the premiere of smartphones is also quite close. Let us remind you that the predecessor – Redmi K40 – debuted at the beginning of the year. We should also remember that in Europe, these models often appear under the Xiaomi brand.

Flagship specification

Everything indicates that we will see a strong specification here. The Redmi K50 and Redmi K50 Pro models should be equipped with the Snapdragon 870, and it is almost a flagship unit that allows you to keep the price of the device in check. However, in the case of the Redmi K50 Pro +, we can expect Snapdragon 898.

At the moment, however, the memory versions have not been given. It seems, however, that the absolute minimum is 8 GB, and we will also see the maximum version of 12 GB RAM. The files will probably have 128 and 256 GB of disk space. Rather, you should not expect an external memory card in this model.

All Redmi K50 variants should be equipped with a panel made in AMOLED technology. In addition, we will have a return to the roots, as the fingerprint reader will be implemented on the screen again. Smartphones will probably support a higher refresh rate, but it is not known at what level.

Specific models will differ in terms of cameras. For now, it can be expected that the Redmi will be equipped with a 48 Mpix main camera, and Redmi K50 Pro will get a basic unit with a 50 Mpix matrix. On the other hand, the highest model, the Redmi K50 Pro +, is to receive a webcam with a 108 Mpix matrix. Of course, this may still change.

The battery of these devices looks promising. While we do not know the specific capacities for a given model, the charging parameters have already been disclosed. They show that the Redmi K50 and K50 Pro will be able to be charged at a speed of 100 W, and the K50 Pro + model will already offer a charging level of 120 W.

Everything indicates that Redmi K50 in all versions will debut in January 2022. Of course, in the Asian market, and after some time, it should also appear in Europe. You can also expect a relatively affordable price for practically flagship components.

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