How Not To Run a Marketing Campaign. Guide In 5 Steps

Marketing Campaign

It is much easier to prepare an ineffective marketing campaign than a really good one. Therefore, in this article, we will start with the easier task and make five mistakes so that every reader can learn from them.

Welcome to the worst hypothetical marketing campaign ever!

Step one: in general, we don’t know anything

We do not know our target group very well, and we do not know which language will go to it; we do not know our competition. In general, we know nothing, but we are eager to plan. The clichés immediately include “extensive experience, high-quality services, a young and dynamic team”. Have you seen it somewhere before? Well, probably on the sites of dozens of other companies. There is also a high chance that our competition writes about themselves very similarly; therefore, we do not stand out in any way. Such a lack of knowledge and boredom is a good base for a failed marketing campaign that does not attract customers.

Step two:… but we like to talk a lot about ourselves.

We put a long description of our activity on the website: “we can do this, we have achieved that, we have it.” Of course, none of these things interest recipients looking for solutions to their problems. We do not have any case studies, examples of cooperation, or logos that could attract attention and actually convince us about our competencies.

Step three: it’s all about the image any way

It doesn’t matter what we write; what matters is the writing itself and the traffic on the pages. So we do not measure our actions, we do not check the effectiveness of marketing, because we want to save money: we will write just any post and collect three likes. Such a purely image-oriented approach is a recipe for failure because we do not control whether the texts bring any tangible effect and which areas are worth improving.

Step four: projects, projects and more projects

We have a budget of PLN 400, so we plan a campaign for two weeks, then we measure the effects. We will spend PLN 350 on it in the next month and PLN 420 in the next month. Over and over again.

If our marketing activities were not planned in a project manner but continuously, we would have a chance to optimize them and draw conclusions. We would also be able to move smoothly between stages and avoid mishaps. In our case, we are just wasting money.

Step five: a page made once will never change

We absolutely do not improve anything on our site because we put a lot of work into it. After all, it is not some living organism that should evolve over time. Why improve something that’s okay?

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