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Wearable Technology

Wearable: what is it?

Wearable Technology, With the advent of this new technology, it seems that iPhones have taken a back seat. Why does it manage to attract all this attention? The main answer is the ease of use and the functions integrated with the person. The answer, which makes George Orwell think, is his famous 1984 book.

The wearable is worth gold and is far too interesting for the tech industry, considering the high quality and quantity of its data.

Despite everything, these data can be used in various sectors to improve the health conditions of athletes, for example. Recently, concrete tests have been carried out to improve and prevent injuries to athletes.

A limited number of NFL footballs have been equipped with sensors to measure the impact of blows to the brain depending on certain positions they take during games. Many universities, including Virginia Tech, have tried their hand at using sensors to study how and why some players suffer head injuries and others seem not to suffer. The discoveries could lead to great changes in this sport where physical prowess is king.

Another very interesting test was done in football; The TSG Hoffenheim soccer team in Germany has inserted sensors into shin guards, clothing, and even the ball, collecting data on ball possession, average speed, and other important information which can be used to customize player training and increase points of strength and weakness also reducing the risk of injury.

The largest target market for this sector is health and fitness; Technological gadgets are already widely used by people to keep track of their information, wearing bracelets and watches. Beyond calories burned or measuring one’s health, wearable technology can already provide monitoring of a patient’s vital information or heart rates, instantly assessing their severity. Having this kind of information in real-time saves millions of lives.

The real revolution is when a technology (even pre-existing) is applied in another field to improve everyone’s daily life.

Let’s imagine, if only for a moment, if it were applied in public health! This would allow a real revolution in the medical field; Bruce Keogh, director of the British National Health Service, firmly believes this too; they recently declared, “This technology makes it possible to prevent, by acting in advance and avoiding unnecessary hospitalizations, thus not only relieving the workload of the health service public but ensuring the safety and health of the patient. Gadgets that monitor vital signs during sports are increasingly sophisticated; they measure heart rate and respiratory rate, even if there is an excess of fluid in the body, all really complex physiological changes. ” Precisely these characteristics would make wearable technology particularly useful for monitoring heart problems, thus allowing to obtain specific data in real-time and to understand if hospitalization is really necessary.

The wearable is identified as the new technological frontier. Smartphones are no longer enough. Of course, having a bracelet that monitors our vital functions and more would not be bad for several reasons. All this may seem somewhat Orwellian, but the fact is that it is certainly a very interesting technology and also arouses a certain curiosity.

Wearable technology puts an extra piece on the ladder of technological advancement in the history of humankind. We are experiencing an epochal change: the evolution of computers. Thanks to the wearable today, it is possible to access information in a much simpler and faster way, as well as being the most agile way to access technology.

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