What Is Keyword Prominence In SEO

Keyword Prominence In SEO

One of the concepts that we must understand when we work on the SEO of a website is the prominence of keywords. Prominence in SEO refers to the role played by a set of keywords within the content of a website.

Not all words have the same importance within a text on a web page. For example, Google will tend to give more importance to keywords that appear in bold or in a subtitle, since they are the ones that summarize the central theme of the article.

In this post, we will explain more fully what prominence is in SEO, and why semantic prominence is more important than ever today.

Prominence In SEO: Keyword Placement Matters, A Lot

Depending on where you place your keywords in a text, they will have greater or lesser prominence in SEO.

Nowadays, in addition, it must be taken into account that the Google algorithm is more intelligent, and can recognize the relationships between words, even if they are not the same keyword. In other words, Google understands the semantics of words better and better, so that not only does it matter that you use keywords in certain places, but that you use related words.

If, for example, we make an article where the first part talks about one topic (baby carriages) and the second part talks about another (buying skateboards), we will be mixing topics that have nothing to do with it.

Google can compare this article with other posts that deal with baby carriages, and if it turns out that your post does not refer to other topics that are covered in most posts on that topic, it will not tend to position you so well in front of a content that deals exclusively with baby carriages and all their variants.

Your keywords should have a good distribution in the text and in all the content, not only in titles and subtitles but in images, first paragraph, “alt” tags and other similar elements.

And we insist Google is smart. It does not matter that in one place you put “baby carriage” and in another “baby carriages”, or “baby cars”, which is able to understand that it is the same. Therefore, if instead of just repeating the same keyword in different locations in a post, we use all the related terms that we can, we will be creating rich content and also that it does not have the problem of keyword over-optimization.

Where To Locate The Keywords Of Our SEO Content?

SEO keywords, that is, those for which we want to optimize articles, should not be limited to appearing in the title. There are many other sites where it is convenient to locate them, and above all, bearing in mind that it does not have to be the exact same keyword.

In which sites should you place your keywords?

  • Meta-title: the title is also a very important point where our keyword should appear.
  • Meta-description: is the description that will appear in the search results or the search engines result pages (SERPs). It is convenient that you have the main keyword, the closer to the beginning it appears at the beginning the better.
  • H1 tag: it is the tag that we usually put as the title of the post, and ideally, it should collect the main keyword that we want to position.
  • H2 tag: generally, they are the subtitles of the posts, so it is convenient to put the main keyword or a variant.
  • H3 tag: here, it is convenient to use a variant of the main keyword or a related kw; it does not have to be the same.
  • Bold: the bold that we use within articles or texts on a website can also help us identify important keywords for Google.
  • Alt tags and links: the tags of the “alt” images, as well as the anchor text of the links, are also important elements and locations where we can place related keywords, taking care because if we put an internal link to another page with the main keyword, it will tend to prioritize the other page.

These are just some of the items where your keywords can be located. But beware, you no longer have to limit yourself to positioning the main keyword and ignoring the rest of the text.

How To Distribute The Keywords

  • The main keyword must be well distributed.
  • The ideal is to try to position the more keywords, the better within the same article.
  • You have to look for variants of the main keyword. Some seek “buy PC computers”, and others seek “buy PC online.”

We Improve The SEO Of Your Website.

We help you improve internal SEO and create valuable content that takes into account the keywords that will help your page to position itself. Solve the over-optimization of keywords and create content with many keywords so that you can position better and get more visits.

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