How To Adapt My Website To Any Resolution?

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Have you ever wondered why your website looks different on other screens? Is there a way to adjust the size of my web page to make it look good? How to adapt my website to any resolution?

If you designed your website a long time ago, it might not be well suited to all types of devices. In this post, we will tell you what you should take into account to match a web page to a mobile or tablet and make it look good.

What To Do To Resize A Web Page On Mobile Devices

There are many ways to adapt a web page to different resolutions, although for all of them, you must have knowledge of HTML and CSS.

If your website is not already adapted to mobile devices, that is, it is not responsive, it is probably because you are using an ancient web design and it is really not worth trying to adjust it. Your website most likely has an already very old look. In these cases, rather than changing the code of the said website, the most appropriate thing would be to design a website with a responsive web design or to create a mobile version of your website.

Think that on a mobile it does not have to look exactly the same as on your page. Maybe there are elements on the desktop page that don’t make sense on the mobile web. For example, sliders, buttons, forms. It does not have everything to look the same on your mobile phone.

You can adapt your website to mobile using a specific design for mobile, which has a good speed in Google PageSpeed. It is useless if your website looks exactly the same on mobile and desktop, when generally on mobile devices web designs tend to go slower.

Why Having A Mobile Website Can Help Your Business.

Having a website with a design optimized for mobiles and another for desktops can have its advantages.

The first of all is to provide a good user experience. For example, a mobile user needs all the elements to be much simpler. If there are links that are too close to each other, it is most likely that the user will have problems clicking the link they want if they have a small mobile screen.

That is why the user experience should be one of the priorities when creating a mobile website. With a responsive web design, adaptable to mobile phones, you get your page to be displayed on mobile without having to use the scroll bar and with appropriate font size. But with a mobile version of your website, you can achieve much more than that, and that is to put the focus on a UX design oriented to mobiles and tablets.

If users have a good experience when entering your mobile website, you will get more conversions. This should be the goal of a well-made, well-designed mobile website. It is not simply about replicating your desktop website on mobile but trying to achieve the best results on each device.

Loading speed must also be another of our obsessions. With a website adapted to mobiles, you can achieve that your page has spectacular results in positioning if it is well developed and also has good content.

Also think that on a mobile-optimized website, the paragraphs become longer blocks, so perhaps you should also have a different copy, bearing in mind that your website will be positioned differently on mobile than on desktop.

Many design professionals can help you create a simple website with a mobile version, with a good loading speed and an attractive design that enables you to win over your potential clients.

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