Alexa Is Well Informed About The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

Alexa The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

After the 2020 European Championships, which kept millions of Italians glued to the TV, it is time to return to cheer the Azzurri on the occasion of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

With Alexa and Fire TV Stick, it is possible to experience every moment of the Olympics, even on vacation, stay up to date on the competitions of the 384 Italian athletes competing from Friday 23 July to Sunday 8 August, get real-time updates on the schedule and results of the competitions, as well as have fun with a personality test.

Eyes and ears of competition, day by day. Just ask “Alexa, what happened at the Olympics?” to listen and watch – every day – the most spectacular events and moments of action of the Tokyo competitions, listening to the live audio and watching videos – up to 5 available daily – on Echo devices with a screen and Fire TV Stick. 

The skill was developed by Discovery +, the “Streaming Home of the Olympics” in Europe. In Italy, with over 3,000 hours of live-action, the OTT platform of the Discovery group is the only reality where spectators will have access – even on-demand – to every event, competition, and to all the medals and deeds of every single blue athlete at the Games, supported by exclusive interviews, insights and daily analyzes. A coverage that, of course, will give as much space as possible to the Italian expedition: 384 qualified blue athletes: 197 men and 187 women.

Thanks to Alexa you can always stay up to date on the schedule and results of the Olympics, wherever you are. 

You can indulge yourself with different questions, such as: “Alexa, when is the men’s 100m final?”, Or, “Alexa, when is Federica Pellegrini competing?” or “Alexa, how much has Italy done in water polo?”.

To learn more and discover the Italian athletes competing in Tokyo, just get involved thanks to a fun personality test. Just ask “Alexa, what Olympic athlete am I?” and, through a few questions, Alexa will discover the perfect match between the fan and the blue athlete who most represents him.

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