5 Free And Effective Mobile Antivirus In 2023

5 Free And Effective Mobile Antivirus In 2023

Contrary to what many people believe, antiviruses are not only useful for computers; it is also advisable to have an antivirus for mobile phones. Most people already browse the Internet through their mobile, using all kinds of tools and services to send and receive payments. Data as sensitive as credit cards or electronic payment accounts are stored. In addition, we keep photos, videos and information that we do not want to circulate freely on the Internet. So that you keep all the information on your mobile safe, we are going to recommend some of the most effective antiviruses.

Avira mobile antivirus

One of the best-known free antivirus for PCs can also be found in its mobile version. More specifically, it works with Android. What stands out most about this mobile antivirus is that it is focused on protecting our privacy.

It contains very useful tools such as identity protection, which checks our email to see if it has been hacked. It has the ability to block malicious applications and check which ones are accessing our data. Another good use of the Avira antivirus is that it protects your mobile phone from loss or theft, blocking calls and texts. Plus, it provides you with a VPN of up to 100 MB daily. All this without having to spend a euro.


Its great appeal lies in how easy it is to use. In a matter of minutes, you install it, and it protects your device. It is one of the best alternatives for Android since it protects them from viruses and spyware, malware and ransomware.

You can leave it in automatic mode, and it constantly scans all the new applications and downloads you make in real time. For greater security while browsing the Internet, it has safe browsing tools to ensure online protection. There are no annoying ads, and it hardly interferes with the performance of your device.


It is another of the famous software to clean malware from computers. It also has a mobile version, both for iOS and Android. It is a good choice since it is well known for its effectiveness and power to detect any type of threat.

In its free version, it also protects you in real-time while you are browsing, installing an app or using it. It runs in the background to detect any app or file that tries to track your calls or make hidden charges.

ESET Mobile Security & Antivirus

Android users can only access this free antivirus for mobile phones since it focuses on this platform. In its free version, it offers basic but effective protection to combat viruses, Trojans, malware and ransomware. So, it is quite complete if we want to feel protected from hackers.

It also includes functions that guarantee your privacy in case your device is removed or lost and ends up in strange hands. With its anti-theft function, it is possible to lock the mobile whenever we want.

Sophos Intercept X for Mobile

This is one of the lesser-known mobile antiviruses, but it is certainly worth highlighting. The Sophos brand is not at all unknown to large companies since it is one of the most used in server security. We can find it free for Android and iOS in its mobile version.

It runs in the background to neutralize any attack we receive while using an application, browsing the Internet or downloading a file. Includes email analysis and content filtering. In addition, the app makes a password box available to users to improve the security of access to any of their accounts.

With these free mobile antivirus, we can be safe from attacks by any hacker. It is important to have one of them installed for our safety and that of our contacts. Since the information we store on our terminal is increasingly attractive to cybercriminals.

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