Do You Need To Take A Backup Of Your Data To An External Drive?

Backup Of Your Data To An External Drive

When we want to make a backup of our business data, the first thing that something is an external disk.

We are talking about a hard disk that we can generally connect to our computer through a USB port and that can have a large capacity in terabytes.

Apparently, it is a good option for making backup copies, but it has several drawbacks.

Disadvantages Of Creating A Backup On An External Hard Drive

Making backups is always good. But not all are equally safe, nor do they cover the same risks.

What are the drawbacks of backing up to an external drive?

You Must Have It Connected To Your Computer

The first problem we find with this method of making backup copies is that to make the backup, it must be connected to your computer.

There are also external hard drives with Wi-Fi, so you need a cable to connect from any computer on the network.

But still, the hard drive must be in the coverage range of your Wi-Fi network. That is, you must have it in your company.

There Could Be A Fire

When your backups are in the same physical location as the data you want to save, both can run the same physical risks.

For example, a fire could burn your computer, but also your hard drive. Or if a flood occurs and your premises fills with water, you are still at the same risk of data loss.

You Can Get A Virus

If your computers are victims of a virus, and your external hard drive is connected (via Wi-Fi or cable), the data contained in it may also be affected.

It’s quite logical: the fate of your computer data is tied to backups since you depend on a connection for backups.

You Need A Network

What data do you want to have a backup of? If you have a single external hard drive, you will have to have the computers on the network to be able to automate backups comfortably.

As today many times you work remotely, from home, with laptops, tablets or mobiles, you should also have a VPN if you want that data to be stored in backup copies.

Space Is Limited

Yes, this can also be a problem. The scalability of an external hard drive. When space is over, it’s over. You have to buy another external hard drive with higher capacity. Eventually, external hard drives accumulate, and finding the information becomes more difficult.

Physical Disks Can Break

That’s right, how you hear it. All those external hard drives that you accumulate can break down over time, especially if you don’t take good care of them.

That the connection is broken does not mean that you lose all the data inside. But it can become an inconvenience that makes you waste time.

In short, on a professional level, we believe that having an external drive to back up your business involves many limitations. Opting for the cloud has many more advantages.

Advantages Of Backup In The Cloud Vs External Disk

Cloud backup has several advantages over external drives. 

First of all, your data is stored in the cloud, not on a specific physical device. They are not on a single server either, but rather spread over different servers and only come together when we are going to consult or download them.

Therefore, our data in the cloud is safe from accidents such as fire or flood. Nor do they break because to disappear completely many servers would have to crash at the same time.

Data centre servers, on the other hand, have security measures far superior to those of any company that works with a system as rudimentary as external drives.

The great thing about cloud copies is that they are in a different location than where the data is generated. Therefore, it gives you a much higher degree of protection because the information is not localized.

Another benefit of the cloud is its high scalability. You do not need to purchase new external devices but upgrade to a plan that offers you more storage resources. The data is stored in an automated way, and you can schedule your backup; however, you want.

From this approach, we invite you to take advantage of the cloud and enjoy its benefits. Do you still have questions about the advantages of an online backup? Please write to us.

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