Innovation In The Company: Are You Ready For Incentives?

Innovation In The Company Are You Ready For Incentives

Innovation In The Company, The calls for tenders for companies are almost upon us. There are no alternatives. To revive the economy, governments worldwide, including Italy, will be forced to issue incentives for activities.

There is talk of grants of up to 65% non-repayable, and it will be essential that appointments are released for the realization of ideas that bring innovation within companies, for the development of new and old markets, or for the creation of software or for the digitization of your business. 

Now it is essential to prepare step-by-step projects through a plan in small steps toward a single direction.

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How? Summarize the ideas and write them, on a piece of paper, on word, or on post it. Your consultant will define the innovative project and verify a possible team, at certain times, costs and quality.

For Project Managers and consultants like us who accompany companies in requesting access to public funding, it is not relevant how clients will create project drafts – project briefs. The important thing is that customers take action well in advance, writing their own ideas and proposals for innovation, even on a sheet of paper, in pen or pencil, on a post-it, or on an email. 

Playing in advance is essential, and a good Project Manager and consultant knows this and therefore ignores how the customer presents his proposals. A phase of the organization will follow the initial idea in activities, tasks, times, team creation and assignment, feasibility analysis, drafting of the financial plan and business plan, and definition of results.

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Companies must generate drafts, ideas, and briefs to start working on: write your ideas in any way and form you can think of.

 It will then be the professionals you have entrusted to analyze your innovative idea, study the regional, national, and European calls to choose the one that best suits your needs, and develop the attack plan in accordance with the requests of the provider.

Even the involvement of figures who deal with innovation within your company can facilitate the process of designing the idea, simplifying the phases of project evaluation, cost planning, and budgeting, and identifying the best financing instrument.

#bands and #fundings coming soon

Recently, some donors have launched several calls for funding, but many more will soon be presented to allow the economy to recover after the pandemic. The most appropriate strategy to prepare and submit your application correctly is anticipating the times.

Furthermore, this year, the publication of the MISE call for business innovation could take place. In 2021, concessions were set up for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises with a contribution, disbursed via vouchers, for up to 10 thousand euros, to be used for digitizing business processes and technological modernization

Let us not be discouraged by the times we are living in. As US writer and researcher Napoleon Hill put it: ” Opportunity often comes disguised as bad luck or temporary defeat .”

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