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Your company needs to pay attention to search engines rankings. It is useless to have a website on the Internet if then you do nothing to position it. If you don’t appear well positioned in Google, it’s as if you don’t exist. You can pay to get traffic that comes to you from Facebook, but all your visitors will then depend on how much you pay. Organic traffic is more important today than ever, and that is why you have to do SEO positioning.

In this article, we want to give you some tips on search engine optimization for companies. We want your website to be well-positioned and for you to be clear about the steps you must take to position your page in Google.

The Keys To Have A Good SEO Positioning Of Your Company’s Website

Next, we will see some keys to have good SEO positioning for companies:


Knowing the number of keyword searches is essential in any SEO strategy. Without this prior step, it will be difficult for us to organize ourselves to establish effective and consistent SEO actions. But it is not only about knowing the number of searches, but also the competition they have and how difficult it can be to position themselves for those keywords.

Let’s think that if you are going to implement an SEO strategy, you must choose the keywords that interest you the most. These will be the ones with many searches, but a low level of competition, which is not easy. Instead, many projects are based purely on long-tail keywords, that is, keywords with 4-5 words and on very specific topics, with little competition, although few searches.


SEO on-site is everything you can do from within your website to improve its positioning. That includes, for example, optimizing meta-tags, such as meta-description, meta-title or URL to suit the keywords you want to rank for.

But it is not only about this, but you could also improve, for example, the contents of each URL, introduce the necessary h1, h2 and h3 tags, see that you use a text rich in keywords and focused on adding value to the user, etc.


The link-building is another of the fundamental aspects so that your web page can be positioned well in Google. Google considers that the pages that receive a lot of good links are those that have the most relevance since they are highly cited. Although this largely depends on its search algorithm, so if anything that seems irregular is detected, it will end up negatively affecting you.

For example, suppose you want to link-building so that your website is positioned for the keywords “buy office chair”, but it turns out that you create thousands of links all with the same anchor text, that is, “buy office chair”. What will happen? Well, he sings too much, and it is evident that they are not natural links, regardless of whether they are on different websites.


Many forget to study the competition, but it is vitally important to know what can be done better. For example, maybe your competitors are getting good links from some free pages where you could also publish. This gives you clues of which links are working well to those pages to position you, which can help you in your strategy.

Obviously, this is not always easy. There are many factors at play, and the pages where your competitors get links are not always the most suitable for you, nor would they allow you to publish. But studying your competitors will give you a clue as to what to do.


As we have pointed out before, to improve your SEO positioning, you have to avoid over-optimization. That is, you should look for a positioning that seems as natural as possible. For this reason, paying to get automatic links is not the best option, because Google can penalize you if it detects that from one day to the next hundreds of very good links have been created, but the next day you do not have any new ones.


To control all these aspects, it is very important that you use SEO tools. There are such as Ahrefs, SEMRush (this one is more like SEM, but it is also valid for SEO), Sistrix, Keysearch and others similar.


If your business is not getting the traffic it needs to sell, the first step you need is to get visibility. For that, it is of great importance that you implement an SEO strategy and develop a series of SEO actions aimed at improving the authority of your page and getting better results in Google.

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