What is Twitch? How Can It Be Used In Marketing?

What is Twitch

Content streaming has been gaining importance in recent years. We don’t just mean Netflix and other VOD services but Twitch as well. It is a dynamically developing website that attracts millions of daily users who consume published content. It also makes it an ideal place to use from a marketing perspective. How can we do that?

What is Twitch?

It’s a streaming platform, and users can both broadcast content and watch others. Streamers usually comment on their actions, and viewers at that time chat with them and with each other in the service chat.

However, Twitch is not only about streaming. The platform also has its own convention where it promotes the industry and gives the creators a chance to meet their fans. They can attend the panels of their favourite streamers and buy items with their brands or the brands of event sponsors (one of them is, for example, Doritos).

Who is the audience on Twitch?

The viewers of the portal are mostly teenage players, but it is worth taking a closer look at them. The largest proportion of website traffic comes from the US – 22%, followed by Germany and France. These data come from the SimilarWeb report, which studied the behavior of the portal’s users. Even though a large proportion of the audience is young men, many older people and women are on the platform. So if you think your target customers can’t be met there, you might be wrong. 

How to use Twitch in marketing?

By increasing brand awareness, targeting a specific audience, creating streams promoting products and services, or using influencers in many ways. It is an ideal platform for contact with customers and engaging them in their activities.

Twitch is a good way to generate leads. Brands can collaborate with creators who stream their products. A young audience watching them may be very interested in the things they see in their idols.

On Twitch, we also have the opportunity to create our broadcast, which will be related to events important to the public. Wendy’s, a fast-food chain popular in the US, streamed the Animal Crossing gameplay (a game released in March 2020, currently one of the most popular watched on the platform), in which the brand’s mascot is the protagonist. Most of the broadcast titles also alluded to free shipping, which reminded users that they didn’t have to leave the site to order food.

Like on Facebook or YouTube, Twitch also shows pre-broadcast ads. These cannot be omitted, which means that our spots can be displayed to users every time they visit a new stream.

Twitch can be used in marketing in many ways. We have the opportunity to use the ingenuity of people who publish content there or the built-in capabilities of the platform to create a place where the brand will connect with customers.

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