Examples Of Big Data In Everyday Life

Examples Of Big Data In Everyday Life

Big data, let’s be clear

Big data, big data, big data… These are terms that have been on everyone’s lips lately. But what do they really mean? The translation of the English term into Italian is not entirely fitting, even if it instinctively arouses in the common imagination a massive flow of data and, with it, a series of usable opportunities from the corporate business service. Sometimes, those who frequently talk about ” big data ” do not do so with full awareness and do not fully understand its potential. In this article, we will see some examples of Big Data in everyday reality so as to help the user better understand its potential.

In reality, the notion of big data refers to the set of information generated by various sources which, once connected and placed in relation to each other thanks to specific algorithms, also allows companies to improve in terms of competitiveness.

The correct meaning of the term can be better-understood thanks to some concrete examples of big data in everyday life and their correct use.

Examples of big data in daily life

Modern life has led to a revolution in technology that allows each of us to purchase and review products electronically, carry out online banking and money transfers, manage entire systems, and much more simply through the use of electronic devices.

Mobile phones, televisions, credit card, and sensors connected to the most diverse services (urban transport, infrastructures, public and private buildings…) are all sources of information and examples of big data in everyday life.

This information, therefore, can come in the most varied forms, such as text documents, emails, video or audio files, ticker data, and financial transactions. In the last two years, it is estimated that their total volume has exceeded the order of Zettabytes, i.e., the seventh power of 1000 (or 10 raised to 21 in the international system of units of measurement).

Evidently, not all data produced by users allows indiscriminate access since protection systems often shield them, nor is all data constantly shared. However, exploiting the majority of this information available, selecting those relevant to business purposes, has innumerable advantages not only in the IT sector. Big data marketing transversely affects countless sectors: from commerce to medicine, from advertising to the automobile, from astronomy to gaming…

Whatever the operating area of ​​your company, thanks to our proven experience in the ITC field, we at Next Engineering can help you identify the best strategy to effectively direct your products and services to customers and partners, expanding your business.

Examples of big data: here’s their use

What matters most when it comes to big data is not the actual volume of information collected but their use. Having the information thus obtained in the best possible way allows for targeted analysis in order to make more appropriate business decisions.

In fact, the use of big data is used to build recommendation methods based on purchase choices or web searches made by users. Did you know that thanks to big data, credit institutions evaluate the propensity to purchase certain products to predict the reliability of a customer? Or that law enforcement agencies estimate the commission of certain crimes in certain areas? The algorithms associated with big data, again, by examining variables and connections in a transversal way, allow for unimaginable correlations in the private and public spheres.

The examples of big data collected correctly and used in the company most efficiently allow your business to reduce costs, speed up times, develop new ideas and act consciously in the market. Rely on Next Engineering to get all the benefits right away.

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