Furniture In The Tertiary Sector

Furniture In The Tertiary Sector

Tertiary Sector, Useful or futile, leisure or business, there is something for all tastes. Let’s think, for example, when in the kitchen, we don’t know what to eat; hundreds of apps show us a wide choice of recipes allowing us to make delicious dishes in a few minutes, also based on the ingredients we have in the refrigerator or at hand; there is a timid appearance of applications for the public administration, created with the sole purpose of informing users on the position of public transport in real-time or of sudden disruptions.

We have developed a perception of reality closely related to the online world that leads us to use our devices on average once every 10 minutes, even reaching peaks of 150 times a day

What really amazes me are the apps for the travel and wellness category. In the last year, these apps have seen demand grow by 89% compared to previous years (source: Flurry insights by Yahoo). However, it must be said that the main use is made in the scouting phase of the trip (for work or for fun), and that goes hand in hand with the consultation in your circle of friends before proceeding to checkout.

Furthermore, the apps in the financial sector are up 31%, given that it is strictly functional to the propensity of consumers to shop on the web.

We are a mobile-first mindset company geared towards thinking about solving problems first with our smartphones.

We use them daily to take a look at our bank balance or to conveniently top up the prepaid card to make an online purchase; let’s just think for a moment about how much these applications have increased our availability of time, parameterized for example, to the long queue at the bank to carry out the same operations.

It is precisely because of this propensity to use the device that mobile is generating an increasingly strong push to purchase online; this presence opens the door to a new user experience focused on the consumer, from performance to usability, from applications to contextualized information and social recommendations. In this way, we contribute more and more to a relationship and an economic return for companies that come online both in the immediate and in the long term, without discussing the convenience for consumers and entrepreneurs.

We Italians, of course, are gradually catching up with our European neighbors, slowly overcoming certain friction in entrusting our money to the ether; however, a fact remains, the convenience and comfort of mobile purchase is the driving force.

75% of consumers use coupons that are literally depopulating, positioning themselves as the first vehicle for marketing strategies with a high commercial impact, saving the consumer even more and actually increasing sales.

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