How To Increase E-Commerce Sales

Increase E-Commerce Sales

The basic steps of a digital strategy to increase e-commerce sales

How to increase the sales of an e-Commerce? The short answer is: with a good digital strategy. The long one is this article.

Digital strategies are daily bread for eCommerce and not just e-food. But if the online road is often seen as a low-cost and effortless shortcut, in reality, it requires continuous resources, skills, and gears. Because the opportunities of the web are endless, yes, but for those who know how to seize them and, above all, are ready to seize them.

The goal of all eCommerce is to increase sales. But how to do it and, above all, where to start?

Brand building

The first fundamental step and basis from which to start any strategy is the building of the brand. What are the values, strengths, and mission on which the brand is founded (or should be based) and, consequently, its image in the minds of consumers? The first step is to identify these fundamental values, emphasize them, improve them and tell them, differentiating from the “others” (the competitors) and giving the consumer one (more) reason to be chosen.

Site navigation

The second and almost parallel action is to improve the site’s navigation. If we often focus directly on the next step, that of attracting users, we need to take a step back and, first of all, make the place where we want to take them welcoming and user-friendly. Because in a virtual reality where there is an infinity of alternatives just a click away, the first impression is what counts and what makes you stay. Everything must be designed and structured to facilitate the user from the home page to the most peripheral page of the site.

The goal of all eCommerce is to increase sales. But how to do it and, above all, where to start?

Marketing automation

Once the foundations have been established and stabilized, we move on to action more properly aimed at selling. The key web marketing activity for eCommerce is marketing automation, with finite databases and infinite potential. Because behind the promotion, there will be well-studied marketing streams that branch out in every possible direction in response to the attitude, characteristics, and behavior of the customer, his actions or non-actions. Flows that, if well studied and structured, will lead from listening to predicting the behavior of these (no longer potential but now real) customers.


Customer loyalty is the ultimate in every eCommerce and in every marketing campaign. All actions must be channeled by a good presence and communication, strong involvement, promotions, and coupons “Exclusive” and regular, but above all, with the right support and the right information, especially at the first purchase because the first impression is always the one that counts and that lasts. A utopia that becomes available on the web and that has different ways of expression: word of mouth, repeated purchases, following the shop on social media, not considering other competitors.

I listen

Closely related to loyalty, and part of this is listening on social networks. Because beyond and even before a purchase channel, social networks are real listening channels for the target audience. A very precious source of direct dialogue with customers to understand their needs, reactions, tastes, preferences, and degree of satisfaction. All information that will enrich the marketing and content strategies is based on the desires, problems, or needs to be encountered.

To increase eCommerce sales, the road is long (but not always uphill), and to go along with those who already know it well. A road dotted with good intentions, tools, and continuous resources.

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