Tricks To Optimize A Landing Page On Social Networks

Optimize A Landing Page

Indeed on more than one occasion, you wonder why your website does not receive more traffic. You worry about generating content at all times and promoting it through networks, but still the results are not as expected.

Perhaps you have not stopped to think that your landing page in a social network is not fully optimized. If so, and you’ve neglected many details, so you only have one way out: optimize the landing page as soon as possible.

A specific landing page allows you to send your visitors to a website with outstanding content that you intend to promote, unlike the home page. You use the links inserted in social networks to promote these pages and thus generate more traffic. To do this, you must create a specific landing page based on the audience you want to reach. How can you achieve all this? Here we explain good tricks to optimize your landing page on social networks.

Steps To Follow To Optimize A Landing Page On Social Networks

  • Create a landing page based on the product you want to promote or the audience you want to reach. Carry out a demographic study on your potential customers and create market niches based on the different profiles you find on social networks. It will not be the same to offer your products for Facebook users than for Instagram users and vice versa.
  • Once you’ve done the targeting, it’s time to engage with your audience. Ask them through social networks what they thought of the products, and if they met the expectations, they expected.
  • Do not forget that the landing page must contain the product that you are promoting. Promoting other irrelevant content will cause the public to leave your website and not return.
  • To create effective CTAs or calls to attention on social networks, including special promotions for a certain time, to generate interest and make the community also share your content on social networks.
  • You can perform a / b test on your generic landing pages. Once you have segmented all this audience, you can launch two generic landing pages of the same product to see which one has the best conversion; here you can play with creativity (modifying colours and elements of the web) or with the call-to-action buttons.

Examples Of The Effective Landing Page In Social Networks

Now that we know what steps we have to take to create an effective landing page, we can only put it into practice through an example.

The example we will work with is the Facebook profile of the Hubspot website. In their Facebook profile, we can see that they publish all kinds of content, from ebooks, blog articles and services. The following example is especially striking.

As we can see, it is promoting an event through twitter, inviting the users not only to tweet and follow it but to participate in it actively.

Once we click on the link, it redirects us to a special landing page for the event where we can easily sign up to attend said event. The most curious thing about this action by Hubspot is the fact that it combines all its social networks in order to reach a larger audience through 2 unique social networks such as Facebook and Twitter

Train Now And Optimize Your Landing For Your Social Networks

As you have seen, the power of social networks is very high to obtain a higher degree of conversion on your website. To achieve this, you have to follow all these tricks and start testing what generates the most reach for your domain: be it calls to action in different colours, moving elements on the landing page or the order of the links you share on social networks.

The user experience is an essential aspect that we have to take care of when offering our products and services. For all this, we have to use tools that allow us to analyze and test if we are doing our job well. You can learn to improve the user experience on your website from a UX Master. Learn to detect opportunities in social networks with practical cases and success stories like the one we have talked about and start getting more traffic to your website. What are you waiting for to sign up now?

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