How To Be A Good Boss: Qualities And characteristics That Every Leader Should Have

How To Be A Good Boss..

Directing, commanding, governing is not in fashion. However, the figure of the boss or business leader is still necessary to make the necessary decisions, although sometimes difficult, thinking about the common good of the organization. Being a good boss is not easy since most people do not choose it, but it is imposed on them, and they are not trained for it.

That’s why we are going to analyze in this article: How to be a good boss? and What qualities and characteristics should an inspiring leader have?

A company where responsibility, power and command are not well defined does not work. While it is true that the forms of government have changed thanks to agile organizations and a new generation of professionals with new values, the (I am not going to call them bosses) team leaders are still needed.

What Qualities And Characteristics Does A Good Boss Need?

A good boss or leader is almost equivalent to a superhero. You have no rights and many obligations. This means that you must not only be prepared for it, yes but to be a boss, you have to want to be a boss. If you like to lead, you can be a good boss, otherwise, impossible. You will be a good partner, a good friend, sweetie, but not boss.

There are three things that a good boss, leader of a group or an entrepreneur must have yes or yes because all the others can be learned: a taste for management; taste for people and honesty.

A boss must be exemplary, upright, sincere, well-intentioned, responsible, spirited, stable, accessible, polite, thoughtful, and that his rings do not fall off when he needs to help out. I know it sounds impossible, but that’s why good bosses have so sought after.

There are different types of bosses that in my opinion, serve the purpose of being a good boss with different styles. We cannot say that a boss has to stick to just one, but it can be a combination of them, yes, always within the range of legitimate :

How To Be A Good Boss In The Digital Age

As we explained in the article, the new leaders of the digital world should transform into a digital leader.

24 Competencies And Skills That The Leader Of The Future Must Have

Or at least many of them, because I’m honest with you, I hope I reached ninety per cent. I have created this list so that whether you are a leader in your company or you are thinking of being one, do a personal SWOT and be aware of the importance of being a good leader and where you should focus your efforts:

  • Observe and openly question
  • Refocus opportunities,
  • Visualize possibilities, 
  • Iterate to learn 
  • Promote a radical attitude
  • He is futuristic, innovative, technologist and humanist to create a future of abundance.
  • Maps systems and theories of change
  • Empowers sustainable organizational models
  • Catalyzes the impact levels of your decisions
  • Connect networks and ideas by combining them to create radical solutions
  • Promote diversity
  • Identify Trends
  • He is a collaborator and creates synergies
  • He is an optimist
  • Is ambitious
  • Is imaginative
  • He is empathetic (for me the most important)
  • Is passionate
  • Is compromised
  • Is adaptable
  • Is disciplined
  • Is always focused
  • Is curious and determined
  • Makes things happen
  • It is inspiring and inspires your employees to achieve impossible challenges to turn them into possible

How Should A Boss Inspire His Collaborators?

To inspire others, you must be inspired. And to be inspired, it is necessary to be an orderly and balanced person who already has enough of his aspirations covered in life.

The stress to which we are subjected is the greatest enemy of the leader, and I must say that it is the main source of problems when it comes to managing the characteristics of a good leader because it leads you to make mistakes. And mistakes in leadership, if not managed well, pay dearly.

Suppose you are inspired and have managed to gain authority in your team with exemplary behaviour and showing that you know how to govern the organization. In that case, it is much easier to spread your inspiration and make them participate in a greater purpose.

Every good boss must know the differences between authority and power. In detail, authority is earned, and power is granted.

There are several ways to earn the respect of the team, as always, but in my opinion, a combination of knowledge, honesty and closeness, being the first to roll up his sleeves when facing the most complex problems, is infallible.

The leader has the ability to raise the motivation of his team an extra level.

It is also interesting to talk about the anti-leader, who seeks his leadership amid demotivation and exerts an equivalent influence among his peers.

The Mistakes Bad Bosses Make And Good Bosses Too

I could tell you thousands and thousands that I commit every day, but I will tell you that the leader is also human and constantly makes mistakes

It is very important that the error is not constant and that you put the brakes on your main weaknesses. Each one has their own and must do a self-analysis or receive help to focus their efforts on the right path. But since you’re going to be wrong, the best recipe is knowing how to apologize to your team.

A human leader is not a worse leader; he is better. And knowing how to make the team see that you are a person who makes mistakes but is honest is important.

However, the biggest mistake that I have observed in my professional career is that the boss tries to avoid his responsibility by defining himself as a coordinator. The boss is the leader who has to make tough decisions, and those are not delegated. It is clear that in today’s world of leadership styles the most successful are collaborative and horizontal, but even in these scenarios, it is the boss who has to make complex decisions and cannot avoid that responsibility by delegating to the team.  

Finally, I would put the bosses who use illegitimate styles such as manipulation or authoritarianism, but this would not be considered a mistake but rather malpractice that should not be allowed in any organization.

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