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Want To Work: The prevailing world pandemic has not changed this approach. It is true that until recently most employees performed their tasks in the office, but today we know that the current standards of company functioning have changed, and partial work from home has become the new norm. However, this does not mean that we no longer need an office.

Today we come to him more willingly than ever. Moreover, the office has strengthened its role. Now, not only is it a place to work at a desk and meet with clients, but above all, a space that supports building relationships, cooperation, and team integration.

The new reality, old needs of employees

Until now, the office has been a place for developing human capital and business potential. Employees met there physically to conduct projects, discuss, exchange innovative ideas, avert crisis, confront and practice common professional values. Today, the office function has undergone an inevitable transformation. Some of the above behaviors have been transferred to the digital world, but still, we can and should practice them in the so-called real world in compliance with the regime. CBRE experts show that it is even necessary to maintain the relationship. Therefore, it is not worth giving up too many square meters of office, as it may cost the company a loss of well-integrated teams over time.

Company DNA inscribed in space.

Modern offices are no longer associated with closed rooms and a formal structure. These are primarily open, well-decorated spaces in which, depending on the needs, we carry out tasks, meet the team and clients, learn, and relax and integrate with the team. Designing office spaces is a complex process that should be preceded by analyzing the needs of employees and the company.

– There is no universal design for an ideal office because each company needs different spaces. Today, it is not the catalog interiors that count, but the idea behind them. Therefore, in the OFFICE SUPERSTAR competition, we allow participants to say why their space should be awarded the title of the best office in Poland. Through this action, we are looking for areas that fit into the DNA of a given company, and we should pay attention to this unique value.

Show that you are working in the best space.

Office space can be one of the tools for developing the entire organization. Regardless of the work model that prevails in your organization, a well-designed office should be a place where every employee feels good. As a result, communication within and between teams is more efficient, and work efficiency increases. This is important not only from the point of view of already employed people but also new employees because the office is also an employer branding tool. Research shows that as much as 90 percent. People admit that office design is an important argument when choosing a job.

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