Hey Spotify Is The New Voice Assistant On iPhone And Android


Spotify users on iPhone and Android will soon have another way to quickly play a song with the well-known streaming service, thanks to the new voice assistant. The audio streaming service launches an in-app voice assistant that allows you to use the app without touching it, based on the existing voice search function. The keyword is certainly known to most.

And in fact, after saying the activation phrase “Hey, Spotify” the user can ask the app to start playing a song or a playlist, or to play the music of a particular artist. For correct operation, it will be necessary to grant Spotify permission to access the microphone, to be activated from the voice interactions section of the menu.

As GSM Arena notes, Spotify’s privacy policy states that the service stores search recordings and transcripts only after saying the keyword, or tapping the voice button.

Obviously, this isn’t a system-wide voice assistant, like Siri or Google Assistant. It will only work when the Spotify app is open, with the company having been testing the feature for a few weeks now, ready to roll it out more broadly now. At the moment, the company is awaiting the timing of the release, with Engadget having already contacted Spotify for more details.

Spotify’s in-app voice assistant doesn’t seem to do anything different, or more than what Siri and Google Assistant aren’t already capable of. However, it could pave the way for voice control in Spotify’s Car Thing, a device long-rumored and optimized for use in the car, so much so that it can compete with CarPlay, Android Auto, and Echo Auto, at least in terms of music and, why not, hands-free calls.

Recent leaks, however, have suggested that Spotify is still working on Car Thing, but only time will tell if it will actually hit the market. Spotify launched high-quality streaming in February. All the news dedicated to Spotify is available in our blog, instead of all the articles that talk about streaming services we start from this page.

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