Cricket Betting In India: The Definitive Guide To Placing

Cricket Betting In India The Definitive Guide To Placing

Originating in England in the 16th century, cricket came to India with the colonial British authorities and became a national sport. The turnover of the Indian Premier League is estimated at billions of dollars, and the whole country watches the game. This is also a great opportunity for enthusiastic bettors.

Types of Bets on Cricket in India

Different types of bets are accepted for this type of sport:

  • The result. Draws do not happen as often as in football. But its probability should not be denied. In ODI and T20 formats, bookmakers offer 2-way results with no possibility of a draw.
  • Double chance. This is the same bet on the result, but two results can be summed with a lower coefficient in double chance. A bettor can bet that there will be no draw or that one of the national teams will not lose.
  • Total. This is a bet on the number of runs for a specific game interval or the entire match.
  • Handicap. This is a bet on the advantage with which a specific national team will win or with which handicap it will not concede to the opponent. A nil handicap is popular in test matches where strong teams are playing.
  • Player statistics. If there is a game of the highest level, bettors have many offers regarding athletes’ personal achievements.
  • Match Stats. Betters love cricket because of the various stats and secondary events that are featured on it.

Best Working Strategies What to Consider

Best Working Strategies: What to Consider

The primary advice for those who will try cricket bets would be to thoroughly study the rules, of which there are plenty, considering the nuances. Of course, for a positive result, it is worth having complete information regarding opponents, squads, weather conditions, or the significance of the match.

Cricket matches are extremely long, so live betting is the best solution. In this case, no drastic actions are required; there is an opportunity to stop, think, and make an objective decision.

As a rule, at a tournament, equally strong teams meet. This fact underlies the somewhat blurred gradation of outsider and favorite, reflected in the odds. Test matches between national teams are considered exceptional, the results of which, in most cases, correspond to the quotes set by the bookmaker.

Sensations during the season are rare but possible.

The influence of weather conditions can be identified as a separate factor, although they are minimally reflected in the final score. Meetings are sometimes postponed for several days due to heavy rainfall, fog, etc., but these are exceptional cases.

Cricket betting in India: Legislation and Love for IPL

Public Gambling Act of 1867 is a central law that deals with gambling and betting activities in India. However, this law is quite old and does not specifically address online betting, which has become increasingly popular in recent years. Also, individual state laws govern all other types of sports betting.
A love for cricket in India is unparalleled in any other country. The betting on the Indian Premier League outpaces all other betting at the significant sportsbooks serving India. Some states have adopted a more liberal approach to online betting, while others may still consider it illegal.

Cricket Betting with PariPesa: One of India’s Leaders

For those who want to understand better the features of cricket betting in India, we recommend PariPesa. This is one of the world’s largest sites, with over a million registered users. The company offers options for both experienced players and beginners, and also provides a high level of customer support.

One feature that draws users to PariPesa is its broad array of betting markets coupled with consistently high odds.

PariPesa also offers different bonuses for its loyal users. Among them are 100% Bonus on First Deposit, 3% Weekly Sports Cashback, Birthday Bonus, Betting Marathon, etc. PariPesa introduced the VIP Club for the most dedicated patrons, where elite members enjoy exclusive benefits.

Finally, the company has developed a convenient and informative mobile application for those who prefer to monitor their bets at any time.


Although cricket originated in the UK, today it is the most popular sport in India, and the IPL is the most covered cricket league in the world. In addition, the 2023 Asian Cup is very popular. Asian Cup matches keep millions of Indians glued to their television screens, which opens up significant opportunities.

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