Banner Ads: How To Create Effective Display Ads

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For your display campaigns to be successful, it is essential to use compelling visuals. Find out how to create banner ads that convert.

The Google Display Network helps companies reach users as they browse their favorite websites, allowing them to display banner ads with different eye-catching ad formats strategically. But for display campaigns to be successful, it’s important to use effective visuals. And not only. Now let’s find out how to create banner ads that can actually convert.

The various types of ads that can be served on the Display Network

On the Google Display Network, it is possible to publish different types of online banners:

  • the adaptive display ads, the creation process of which is partially automated since it is sufficient to insert text, images, and logos, then, it will be Google itself that will take care of optimizing the web advertising banners in order to guarantee the best possible performance; the illustrated ads uploads that leave more freedom for the user, who can create and upload the ad;
  • engagement ads, videos, and illustrations that can be published on Youtube and on the Display Network;
  • Gmail ads, expandable ads that appear in the tabs at the top of inboxes.

How to create effective display ads

Google itself provides some useful tips for creating effective banner ads for Display campaigns. Particular attention is paid to the visual aspect as the goal of display ads is precisely to convince people with images.

Specifically, as the number one search engine in the world suggests, it is essential:

  • Optimize the images and the brand logo. The latter must be clear and simple, in 1: 1 or 4: 1 format;
  • the main image must be sharp, of high quality, without overlapping texts or collages or excessive empty spaces, and must possibly represent a physical setting, with a real background and with uniform lights and shadows;
  • The main image’s aspect ratio must be 16: 9 or 1.91: 9.

Google’s other tips for creating effective online banners for display campaigns are:

  • use responsive ads to save time in the process of creating different versions of ads across devices;
  • find ad ideas within the rich media gallery;
  • use clear and convincing titles and texts, avoiding vague messages or clickbait;
  • include prices, promotions, and exclusive offers, to highlight what is special to the user/customer;
  • direct the user to a relevant landing page ;
  • create three or four ads per ad group, experimenting with various patterns, colors, and content to find the combination that will ensure the most satisfying results.

How much does it cost to run an ad on the Display Network?

Google Ads uses an auction system to choose which ads to publish and in what order, as well as the cost of internet banners.

Those who decide to run their ads on the Display Network have several ways to set bids in the campaign. Offer types allow the advertiser to set the right price for the banners in order to make the most profit. The actual cost-per-click paid by the advertiser depends on the weighted average of the bids and the quality scores associated with the ads.

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