Pictures Are More Important Than Text. Why Is The Visual Effect So Important In Marketing?

Pictures Are More Important Than Text

Although until recently written content played a major role in internet marketing, today, users are leaning towards other forms of communication. Pictures are becoming more and more popular. There are several reasons for this – let’s take a closer look at them.

Ease of pickup

Our brain very quickly absorbs pictures content. We only need a moment to understand what is drawn. By comparison: it takes at least a few seconds to understand the handwriting. Additionally, it takes up to several minutes to read a slightly longer article. You can best see how companies conduct their marketing on social networking sites. Often, what matters first is the pictures and then the content. For this reason, every good marketing agency pays great attention not only to the text itself but also to the illustrations it contains.

Internet portals take a similar path, where the image often takes up most of the screen. News editors know well that in order for a user to enter an article, it is first necessary to entice him with an eye-catching pictures. Of course, the content is also very important. A skillfully selected photo in conjunction with an interesting headline will undoubtedly result in multiple entries to a specific subpage.

Memory viral

The pictorial form also significantly increases the chances of further sharing of content by users. The best example of this is internet memes that collect millions of shares. It goes without saying that the popularity of a particular brand is influenced by the dissemination of its content online. Remember, however, that virials should comply with the principles of good taste; otherwise, they may have the opposite effect to the intended one. It is best to commission a professional marketing agency with the necessary experience in creating this type of advertising material.

Infographics are everywhere

One of the most accessible forms of communicating information is infographics. Simple but very effective methods of transferring knowledge, establishing relationships or even encouraging the purchase of a specific product and ease of remembering and accessible form of communication makes Internet users very fond of this type of content. At the beginning of cooperation with an advertising agency, it is best to discuss what exactly we want to convey to our recipients and then commission the preparation of several infographics on this topic.

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