How Do I Know If They Have Blocked On Instagram?

How Do I Know If They Have Blocked On Instagram

Social networks are a fantastic way to meet people and share content with our friends and family, but it is also convenient to learn some interesting tricks with which we can better manage our presence on them. For example, in this tutorial, we will explain how to know if I have been blocked on Instagram to find out if someone we still follow has blocked us.

Have I been blocked on Instagram?

As you already know, with some social networks, it is very easy to know if a user has blocked us, such as on Twitter, since when you enter the account of said user, the indication appears at that very moment.

However, on Instagram, everything is done with greater privacy because there is no direct way to tell us that said user has applied the block.

For that reason, we must know some tricks like the ones we will detail below that will help you know if that user has decided to block you on the social network.

Tricks to know if they have blocked me on Instagram

One of the quickest and easiest ways to get an idea of ​​whether a user has blocked us is through the Instagram search engine. As you already know, in this search engine, we only have to enter a name, which appears in the different alternatives. However, when someone blocks us, when we enter their name, we will see that said user no longer appears as one of those alternatives. Generally, this is the first reason we can suspect that the user has really blocked us, but in any case, we advise you not to take it for granted yet and follow other advice that we will indicate below.

If the user does not appear in the search engine, the next step will be to log in to Instagram from the PC and perform the search directly from our computer. Through this search, we will know if the user no longer appears because they have deleted the account or if it is because they have blocked us.

It should be noted that on Instagram, the blocking is based on the device we use; that is, it is possible that that person has not blocked themselves on the mobile phone, but if they have not done so through the PC, we will continue to see them here, and we will continue to stay connected.

In case you see it, you can also pay attention to whether we appear to be following you; that is, if you have blocked us on any of the devices, we will automatically stop following you, so if from the PC we see that we no longer have it added As a friend, we can without a doubt confirm that that user has permanently blocked us.

As you can see, it is very easy to know if I have been blocked on Instagram without needing to use external applications or carry out complicated processes since, with a simple search, we can get an idea and even confirm that it has been done. 

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