What Is A VPN? And Best Free VPNs

What Is A VPN And Best Free VPNs

Do you want to hide your identity on the Internet? Do you want to bypass the blocking of a service in your location? To do something like this, you must use the best FREE VPN tool.

Without this type of program, you will not be able to modify the way you connect to the Internet to prevent any service from identifying your original location, the address of your computer and your connection.

What is a VPN?

Have you never heard of VPNs? What is a VPN and what is it for? A  VPN is a Virtual Private Network. We are talking about software that allows you to use a virtual network of connections to send and receive data completely and securely over the Internet.

VPNs are used to protect connections, being able to ”tunnel” all information, making it impossible for third parties to access it. Thanks to this, everything that is sent through this type of connection is kept entirely secure.

In addition to being used to protect the information sent, one of the great uses VPNs have been given is to simulate a connection in another location. What is this for? Many use this feature to hide their original location, bypassing blocks of certain services that do not allow them to be used from specific locations. An obvious example of bypassing location restrictions is that of Netflix in its beginnings.

A use of secure VPNs that is little known to ordinary users is that they can also connect entire servers or computer networks. In this way, the same virtual network is shared between which information can constantly be moved through a secure network. This is a very effective alternative when creating a local network becomes impossible.

What to keep in mind when choosing a free VPN

To choose a good VPN, you must take into account the different parameters offered by these services. There are 8 important points, some more than others, to consider when choosing a VPN service.


If you have a high-speed fibre optic or ADSL connection, you won’t want to go back to a slow connection using these services. There are some VPNs that offer speed that could be better. As information is passed through these private networks, the user will adapt to the connection speed they offer. For this reason, you must consider the speed they offer when connecting to their servers. Generally, everyone indicates that they have a great connection speed. However, the reality can be seen in the different opinions of users who publish their experiences on internet forums.


A connection with good speed can be one of many priorities when using a VPN. It is also very important to ensure that good security is in place. Given that keeping the information sent and received secure and out of the reach of third parties is one of the premises of this type of service, ensuring that it has a good security section is very important. You must ensure the service has a secure connection and features such as not generating logs, anonymity policies and protection mechanisms such as kill switches or hiding the IP.


Not all VPNs are available in all countries around the world. We must ensure they are available in the countries where we will use them. If you can’t access it from where you want, why use a VPN?

Easy to use

Possibly, using a VPN can make it seem like you need to be an expert to enjoy its features. Nothing is further from reality. A good VPN has to be easy to use and intuitive. Most services offer interfaces that can be understood at a glance. Is a VPN very complicated to use? It would be best to change to another one that is easier to use.


Encryption is a fundamental part of these services. It is responsible for protecting the information and preventing any third party from breaking the protection and stealing the data that is sent and received through the private Tunnel that is created in the Virtual Private Network. There are different types of encryption, as well as different levels of protection. Fortunately, most services have 254-bit encryption with incredible protection, and any of them will be more than enough to prevent information from being intercepted.


Do you use Windows or Mac? Are you going to use the VPN on your mobile or tablet? The versatility of a service today is something to take into account. Users have several different devices, and the fact that the service can be used on all of them is a great plus, mainly to avoid having to use different services. Make sure the program is available for all the devices you plan to use it on.

static IP

When we talk about a static IP, we are talking about a separate space in a list of addresses. Having this personal space in a service with thousands or millions of users is very interesting. This is a highly sought-after feature in the services by some users, and in this way, they avoid sharing the same address with thousands of people.

P2P Features

Some of the VPN services limit or block Peer to Peer features. Being able to send files between people is a widely used feature in the internet world. However, some services limit them, while others facilitate their use. Checking that a VPN service does not limit the use of P2P with bandwidth throttling will interest those who use P2P.

Best free VPNs

Proton VPN

Already known as one of the best Free VPNs, Proton VPN has some of the best features that can be found in this type of virtual private network service.

The company indicates that they have a unique secure core architecture that stops hackers in the unlikely event that they have managed to infiltrate the VPN provider. In this way, they ensure that no one can access the information, even when they manage to break the encryption.

Proton VPN is headquartered in Switzerland, a country with strict privacy laws, so your information will remain secure even when an official entity requires said information.

It is expected that the service at the top of the scene is expensive, but the truth is that Proton VPN has a free service for users who do not want to shell out money to use its features, with certain limitations.

The free plan only allows you to hide the connection in 3 different countries; its speed is limited, and it can only be used on a single device. Of course, it is available for Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS and Android, so you can use it no matter what device you have in your hands. The ”Secure Core” feature is unavailable in this free option, but they maintain their no logs policy.

Hotspot Shield Free VPN

Hotspot Shield is one of the few services that offers, in addition to a client for different operating systems, an extension that allows you to use the VPN from the Google Chrome browser.

”HS Free VPN” is a pretty attractive option. Its free plan has practically the same features as the Premium version. The main difference is the number of countries to which the user can connect.

To connect to the Internet, it uses the Open VPN connection, an exciting and more secure connection than PPTP and LT2P, but it is the only one that uses this service.

Hotspot Shield offers proprietary data compression to its users. In this way, the size of the information that is sent is reduced, something very interesting for the free plan, which has limited bandwidth. In this way, with the same bandwidth, you can send more information than in other VPNs.

The service is especially focused on protection, and its connection does not have the best speed, but it is an exciting option. Keep in mind that the free version is completely free, but it has ads, something that many may not like.

The free version of Hotspot Shield VPN is available for Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, and Google Chrome. The latter can be downloaded from the browser extensions store.

Tunnel Bear

Tunnel Bear is one of the best free VPNs that can be found on the current scene. However, it fails in the accessibility section. This service only has servers operating from Germany, Canada, the United States, France, the United Kingdom and Japan.

The most striking thing about Tunnel Bear is that it offers great connection speed, with up to 12 MB/s. This is accompanied by a very intuitive interface, as well as an installation program that leaves it ready for use.

Among the features that this VPN has to protect its users’ information, the ”Vigilant Mode” function stands out, which is responsible for blocking any suspicious content when the connection to a private network is lost.

Its free plan offers a bandwidth of 500 MB per month, which can grow up to 1 GB per month if you write a tweet talking about the service. If you need more bandwidth, you can contact one of the payment plans, such as the one that offers unlimited megabytes for $9.99.

Tunnel Bear is compatible with Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android and can be used on up to 5 devices simultaneously, so you can protect all your terminals at the same time with this VPN.


In the same way as with Tunnel Bear, the free Hide.me service has limited bandwidth, this time 2 GB. The speed of the service can offer normal Internet browsing, but this limit will not allow high-quality videos to be viewed since the size of said videos would quickly consume the monthly bandwidth.

Fortunately, and unlike Tunnel Bear, Hide.me does have servers that operate from Spain, as well as from many other countries.

Anyone can sign up for Hide.me VPN for free from their website and can download the client for Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS or Android. The main drawback for people who use multiple devices is that the free plan limits its use to a single device.

Despite the limitations imposed by the free plan, the Hide.me VPN is one of the best free VPNs that can be found today. It has a high level of privacy and allows you to unblock many sites that are restricted by location.


When you need to keep your identity private and choose a specific location on all your devices, Windscribe is one of the best options to consider. This VPN service can be used on an unlimited number of devices simultaneously.

Windwscribe has exciting options, such as a built-in firewall that will protect your computer from viruses and malware, as well as get rid of ads with its ad blocker.

While its paid version has the possibility of choosing between 50 different countries with which to mask the original location, the free version is limited to a maximum of 11 different servers. Its connection could be better on the list, but it does offer one of the most striking bandwidths, with 10 GB of capacity per month. Once those 10 GB have been spent, the device will no longer be protected.

Private Tunnel

OpenVPN is an open-source solution that protects many of the VPN services offered on the Internet. This is offered for large companies and is used in cloud servers and virtual applications.

In addition to officially offering its services to companies, OpenVPN also offers its services to consumer users under the name Private Tunnel VPN.

Private Tunnel offers more than 50 VPN servers located in 23 regions in 12 different countries. It uses 254-bit AES encryption to keep information secure and out of the reach of third parties at all times.

The service can be used from all over the world and on all types of devices: Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS and Amazon Kindle. Thanks to this, no one will be left without the possibility of protecting their information.

Private Tunnel is perfect for those who only need a VPN for a week. This VPN service is not free, even though it has some of the most affordable prices of VPNs, with a price that reaches $3 per month if contracted for a year.

It offers a 7-day free trial for new accounts, so you can enjoy great privacy, no bandwidth limits, and connect up to 100 devices. We have added this option to our list because it is the best option available among paid VPNs for its ease and privacy. it can be used for free as long as new accounts are created.


Did you know that the Opera browser has a free VPN? It is not a service that they have launched separately or an extension but rather a feature that comes within the browser itself. All Opera users can enjoy the benefits that this virtual private network has to offer.

The Opera VPN works at maximum speed and does not require any registration to use it. All you have to do is enable it in your browser to start enjoying its benefits. To do this, simply go to Settings > Advanced Settings> VPN > Activate VPN.

The browser’s virtual private network, which is available for both computers and mobile devices, allows connection masking on servers in Europe, America and Asia. The main drawback is that it does not indicate which country the connection is being simulated from, so it is quite opaque on this issue.

There is no bandwidth limit, nor the number of devices from which you can connect simultaneously, thanks to the fact that an account is not necessary to use it.


Do you want to enjoy a free VPN connection as fast as the one you have on your PC? Then Betternet is the option you are looking for. It offers a connection of up to 100 Mbps and a feeling that you are browsing in real-time instead of being connected to a VPN service.

Its installation and use are really intuitive, making it a perfect option for those who have no experience with VPNs or are looking for something easy to use.

Betternet offers the possibility of connecting from dozens of different countries, including the United States, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Canada and Japan.

This tool is completely free, and its users number in the millions. How do you keep it running? Betternet is responsible for “promoting” certain third-party programs in exchange for compensation. They have a transparency portal from which all movements can be seen so that users can know what happens with the service, although this never shows that the information will never be sold.

The VPN service has mobile applications for Android and iOS, as well as clients for Windows and MacOS and an extension to use the tool in the Google Chrome browser.

Cyber ​​Ghost

In the world of paid VPNs, Cyber ​​Ghost is one of the best options available. What happens with its free version? Unlike other services at the top of this type of software, Cyber ​​Ghost offers a free version without advertising and fine print.

As a proxy or VPN, it is an attractive option since it does not limit the internet connection. It can be used without worrying about the amount of information sent or received. Of course, its speed could be better with the paid service. It is also not ideal for those who need a VPN on both their computer and mobile phone, and although it is available for Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android, mobile applications are only available for paying users.

Cyber ​​Ghost does not create any log of the sites visited and allows you to unblock all web pages that have been restricted by location. But this VPN has a ”drawback” that can be very annoying for many users. After 3 hours of use, the VPN will disconnect, and you will need to log in again with your user details to enjoy another 3 hours of use.

The VPN allows you to use five devices simultaneously, and if you choose to contract the service, you can enjoy almost 700 different servers from which to connect at maximum speed to maintain a private connection.

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