What Is A Backdoor, And How Can You Remove It?

What Is A Backdoor

Perhaps you have heard of backdoor, a type of virus or Trojan that can give cybercriminals access to your computer. Protecting yourself against this type of computer risk is very important for companies or individuals.

But first, we must know well what it means, what a backdoor is and how we can eliminate it in case it has affected us.

What Is A Backdoor?

It is a secret door or “back door” that allows malicious users to gain remote control of the computer. They generally take advantage of a security hole, so that we can connect to a computer system without being detected.

Backdoor, as its name suggests, is a backdoor to access computers or servers, so that users (cybercriminals) who use them can send and receive files, delete or steal data, restart the computer, install new programs.

In other words, they can have full control of your computer, as if they were in front of it, but at a distance.

The ways in which we can have a backdoor installed are many. It may be because a developer has left it there as a matter of fact, or because of programs or applications that we have installed, or because there is a vulnerability in the system.

However, indeed, the backdoor may not necessarily be viruses, but applications that have been installed to control a computer remotely for maintenance tasks. In this sense, backdoors are not always installed taking advantage of a computer vulnerability but have been developed that way on purpose.

Backdoor Types

We can distinguish at least two types of backdoor.

  • Those that are already in the operating systems or applications that we are using, either because of a vulnerability or because the developer has done so on purpose.
  • The backdoors that have been installed on our computer without intention, as a consequence of having downloaded a program, file, etc.

In most cases, there are always bad intentions, but it may also be that there is a vulnerability in our computer or application, and therefore there is a back door that can be exploited by cybercriminals.

How To Protect Yourself From Backdoors?

To protect yourself from backdoors of the second type, it is essential to have an antivirus. If we have malware applications that allow remote access to our computer, a good antivirus must be able to detect those applications and eliminate them from our computer.

The moment the application is removed, the back door will disappear, and they will no longer be able to connect to our computer in this way. In any case, the antivirus must also allow us to eliminate other, possibly unwanted applications that have been installed in this way.

To avoid the loss or deletion of data, the ideal would be that you have security copies so that once the malware is uninstalled, we can recover our data, even if the data on our computer has been affected.

In the case of backdoors that already exist in our applications or systems, the solution may be to contact the developer and inform them that there is a backdoor and trust their goodwill to remove it.

Otherwise, it is convenient to switch to another system or switch to another application that does not have secret doors that allow external access.

Protect Your Equipment From Computer Attacks

Many clients can have a backdoor without being aware of it. They may have integrated our computer equipment into a botnet, or zombie computer network, and use it when they please.

The best way to combat this is to carry out effective IT maintenance of computers, removing viruses and checking security levels.

In addition, it is convenient to avoid data loss; we use backup systems in the cloud that allow us to keep our information always safe.

Don’t wait for the last minute, when it’s too late. The data on your computer is too important, and computer viruses and back doors put the privacy and integrity of your data at risk. If you want our help, we invite you to contact us now.

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