What is LinkedIn – a Beginner’s Guide. The Most Important Functions.


LinkedIn is one of the most famous networking sites in the world. Over 300 million professionals already use it. Thanks to it, you can easily maintain contact with specialists working in your industry. However, LinkedIn offers many more possibilities: perhaps you will find an interesting job here or successfully promote your company. We invite you to read our short guide to the site, where we discuss its most important functions and provide practical tips for users.

What is LinkedIn, and why is it worth creating an account with it?

LinkedIn is the world’s largest social networking site for maintaining industry contacts. While popular social media such as Facebook and Instagram were created primarily for socializing and entertainment, LinkedIn is a place specifically designed for professional use. You can supplement your professional experience and maintain contacts with specialists from your industry on the website.

According to the regulations of the portal, it is used to maintain contact with people we have already met in the real world. However, in practice, it is also easy to contact people we do not know yet. This means that many people effectively use LinkedIn to make sales contacts. What’s more, the website is regularly visited by many recruiters who are looking for employees.

Create a profile and complete your own professional business card on the web

Before we decide to create a profile on LinkedIn, it is worth considering what our main goal is now. Do we primarily care about finding a job, promoting our company, or maybe maintaining relationships and participating in discussions on industry topics? The way we use the website will depend on it. In the beginning, we should supplement our professional experience – just like when preparing a CV.

Let us describe the positions we have occupied, the projects we have implemented, as well as our competencies, skills, and interests. It is worth taking the task seriously. A very interesting option that can shine in the recruiter’s eyes is recommendations – through the website, we can get recommendations from people we have worked with. This is a great way to prove your skills.

Adding friends and being active on LinkedIn

Theoretically, via LinkedIn, you can send an invitation to anyone who has an account in it, even to the CEO of a large corporation. However, in practice, when sending an invitation, you will be asked how you know the person from. Instead of sending the same standard text to everyone, it is worth taking a moment to prepare a message for them.

It may be a good idea to reference the circumstances in which you got to know the person or write what we value them for. We can use the website by sharing our statuses links and commenting on other people’s statements. We can also participate in fifty groups. At the same time, it is worth making sure that you promote your person aggressively and be useful and helpful to other users.

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