The “Bullying” Of Companies


Very often, however, we do not pause to study the social context in which our company operates to achieve the objectives set. Taken from the management of everyday life, we ignore everything that revolves around our company, undergoing entrepreneurial bullying. 

Every day as entrepreneurs, we suffer from real bullying. We undergo intentional behavior of a psychological nature, repeated over time and carried out towards us by different subjects. But which subjects could carry out such acts against us entrepreneurs? 

Bully # 1: the State

There is no doubt that the main acts of bullying aimed at companies derive precisely from the State, which is unable to build and modernize a regulatory system capable of protecting and helping companies, ending up caging them in oppressive bureaucratic paths and limiting their growth and development. An example above all: is the failure to reform the tax system.

Bully # 2: the labor law system

In second place we find employees. But how can employees bully the entrepreneur, being the weakest party in the contractual relationship? In reality, it is not the workers who bully the company, but once again, the regulatory system that regulates the relations between Workers – Company – Entities. Let’s think for a moment about all those direct and indirect psychological pressures that fall on the entrepreneur when it is necessary to manage emergency periods, when it is necessary to manage personal situations, or when it is necessary to empower one’s collaborators. 

Bully # 3: Ourselves

In third place, alas, the Bully towards the entrepreneur is ourselves, the entrepreneurs, who play the double role of Bully and Bully. How? Let’s think about the psychological pressure we exert when, as entrepreneurs, we practice the pricing strategy. This practice is perpetrated both by the supplying part (company A) of the raw materials (and in this case, we suffer) and by the purchasing part (company B), which requires a reduction in the purchase price – and also, in this case, we suffer. But when we adopt the same behavior, probably towards our customers or suppliers, we go from bullied to bullies. It will be said that it is part of the economic system, and in part, it is certainly true,

The Bully is not the strongest.

Well, how do we fight school and/or social bullying? We must condemn and counter Corporate Bullying. As entrepreneurs, at the beginning of the year, in addition to business forecasts and budgeting, we must ask ourselves a question: how can I improve the social context of my company? The answer is incredibly simple: by getting stronger. Becoming stronger within a social context, for an entrepreneur and a company, means starting to implement all those processes that strengthen the company itself against the Bullies. It means starting to think not only in terms of investments in more efficient equipment or in better performing technologies but above all in terms of investment in human capital. Strengthening human capital means putting people back at the center of attention with growth and development strategies, 

Human Capital

Strengthening our human capital is possible, but we must have the courage to take the new paths of profitability that our system (however cumbersome) has built. Following these paths allows us to effectively counter the requests of an apparently overbearing and greedy taxman, allows us to manage emergencies, provides us with the right tools for the empowerment of our collaborators, and still allows us not to have to cover that annoying but ad today it is necessary to double the role of bullies and bullied people to survive in an increasingly uncertain market. There is a way to get out of the nightmare of entrepreneurial bullying: just follow it.

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