Supporting The Customer, Always, In One Click

Supporting The Customer

Supporting The Customer, Being close to the client at all times and in every context of his day helps him in a concrete and dedicated way in the various aspects of his profession. This should be the main mission of those who work in security, as in any other sector. However, those who work in security have an extra gear to always be by their customer’s side: apps.

In this sense, the app becomes a digital project of proximity to the client-professional, a digital tool built specifically to adapt to his personal profile, offer tailor-made answers to specific needs, and always operate at hand on smartphones, tablets, and PCs. 

The customer at the center

For this digital project to be successful, the centrality of the customer must be the driving force behind the app’s creation. We need a team of experts and external consultants to map and reconstruct the entire “customer journey” Of the different types of customers with whom we work, from the first coffee to the last appointment of the day: in this way, it will be possible to identify the multiple needs that may arise. The result of this analysis will be an app modeled on each professional’s activities, with accessible services based on the type of user. This searches for the requested service or product even faster. Furthermore, the progressive profiling of users will allow the app to be increasingly “responsive” and effective, evolving its performance over time.

A work tool 

Installers, system integrators, and condominium administrators will have access to a new work tool, allowing them to perform activities that previously required the use of multiple tools and interfacing with different people from a single platform tailored to their needs. But what are the features you really need? First of all, the possibility of directly requesting an offer following the configuration of a video door entry system, consulting all open offers and monitoring their progress, and opening a direct channel with a trusted sales representative. In addition to accessing exclusive and confidential promotions, requesting support interventions, and monitoring all open cases. Functions that are that facilitate and speed up the work of professionals and that help them with the end customer: IoT installed so as to monitor its operation in real-time, manage it and intervene with “preventive maintenance” to ensure maximum efficiency and impeccable service. All this in complete safety and with the utmost simplicity, directly from your smartphone.

A technical amenable

The app will also have to collect all the necessary information and documents such as manuals, wiring and installation diagrams, product codes, and technical and commercial documents, which can be downloaded and used even offline (which is very useful when there is no good internet signal). And finally, with the app, you can view the tutorials for configuring the systems and the most relevant news and participate in remote training programs. The app thus becomes a hub for technical consultation, training, contacts, and discussions with the parent company.

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