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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is often called one of the best online marketing programs at hand to small businesses. Why is that? It is because there is no risk involved. To be more precise, you only pay after the results are delivered. When you use an affiliate marketing program, you agree to pay partners for each lead or sale generated. Affiliate marketing is often referred to as a marketing partnership because you partner with others to help sell your products or services. Today, there are many affiliate programs available on the Internet, so it is essential to attract the attention of professional marketing partners. Once you do that, you are on your way to a successful campaign. While many marketing technology tactics have changed over the past two decades, affiliate marketing channels have remained fairly the same in terms of system and structure. However, some things have advanced. The most effective affiliate marketing programs now make partner discovery easier for marketers. They do it by using technology and not relying solely on traditional interactions.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

The key to the mechanics is in the famous cookies. Imagine that a tech blog owner makes a list of the best Bluetooth headphones on the market. This post includes reviews with the corresponding link for the user to access the product page in an affiliate eCommerce. This URL consists of a series of parameters so that, when the visitor gets referred, they can know from which publisher it comes. A cookie is included in the browser of these visits so that purchases that occur in a specific time window (say, for example, 30 days) generate the corresponding commission. In the instance that we are using and emphasize something important, the publisher receives payment for the specific headphones that have caused the click and any product purchased during the designated period.

Online Casinos

The broad adoption of the Internet and especially mobile devices brings essential changes to our communication, the way we defend our privacy, shop, or travel. Although they continue to work, the old ways are being replaced by interactive, colorful, and, beyond everything, immediate gaming platforms in the form of bookmakers and online casinos. Online gambling is experiencing sweet times, despite the coronavirus crisis, and is gaining more and more followers. The bad thing is that, as the business grows, fraud and scams increase. That is why we must avoid them by using technology to identify bonus abuse and be alerted whenever somebody creates more than one account to affirm promotions.

Affiliate Platforms

When an eCommerce considers implementing this strategy, the first question comes when choosing the platform. Indeed, there is always the possibility of developing it from scratch, ad hoc for us. Still, there are very robust solutions on the market, with APIs full of exciting features and affiliate networks. They contribute a certain critical mass that we initially lack. Each one must evaluate their specific needs, but it is worth betting on one of these commercial platforms in most cases. We will see some of them below.


It is one of the best in its market. It has a considerable number of solutions for any advertiser and more than 180,000 publishers around the world. As advertisers, we can create specific campaigns and use their affiliate database to access those that, by profile or content, best fit with the segmentation of our target audience. It is not only that they provide us with a complete control panel, but they also offer advanced resources such as banners and videos. The available business models are the already outstanding CPA when it comes to direct purchases and capturing leads. Other more “conventional” pay-per-click or impression functions in the Google Ads display network line are also available.


Tradedoubler’s main competitor is Awin. It is so in terms of technical solutions, billing, international expansion (reaching 180 countries), and a critical mass of publishers. According to the data they provide, they have been able to generate sales of 13.2 million during the past year. Awin likes to focus on technology. The system is so refined that it not only integrates with relative ease but is also capable of doing such mighty things as tracking the user through different devices. It also raises the generation of exclusive codes for affiliates so that not even the cookie is necessary. When it comes to business models, in addition to paying for influence thanks to coupons, opt for practically the same as Tradedoubler (click, lead, acquisition and download. Highlight what they call marketplace, which is a space within the platform on which the campaigns and placements available at all times are published. In this way, you can easily self-manage each end of the affiliate strategy.


We will not elaborate much on the particularities of this specific platform because they do not differ too much from its direct competitors. The most remarkable thing about Webgains is the usage. According to their data, they are available in more than 230 countries, and their network of affiliates reaches a spectacular 250,000. The effort they put into applying machine learning and artificial intelligence to affiliate marketing is also remarkable.

Trade Tracker

Trade tracker is a slightly different bet. It has been standing out for some time, so it is worth considering if you have a particular interest in selling nationally. Some characteristics which make this affiliate platform so attractive is a less generalist and highly personalized approach. When you work with them, they will assign you a manager who will be specialized in your business area, thereby providing you with specific solutions and recommendations.

Time One-performance

They are not limited to affiliate marketing since, like the rest of the companies mentioned, they present services such as advertising campaigns of another type among their services. They boast of having a very progressive vision in continuous evolution, optimizing affiliate sites to get the most out of the strategy.


Formerly called Dating Easyflirt, it is specialized in the dating niche market or dating sites. It is one of the topics that move the most money on the Internet. Hence, some platforms decide to focus on this topic. Something that stands out is the possibility of having your white label and access to a series of integration tools to start your projects.

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