Personas Analysis: Who Is Behind The Number?

Personas Analysis

Analyze the Personas before investing in digital marketing

Personas Analysis, In the panorama of digital marketing, the role of the consumer is becoming increasingly central. A consumer with new habits, needs, possibilities, and, above all, new expectations. For this reason, the traditional analysis of a generic target audience is no longer enough, so the analysis of the Personas becomes fundamental.

What is the Persona (s)?

Something that goes beyond the generalist, dispersive, depersonalized, and depersonalizing target, the Person can be defined as an archetype. The model of a group, a category, or one or more circles that not only share personal data but interests, behaviors, inclinations, and needs. A multitude of factors can affect how this person interacts with any marketing activity and why.

The traditional analysis of a target audience is no longer enough; those to be analyzed (and reached) are the Personas.

How are Personas created?

To create the Personas, an analysis is required that becomes observation and that combines different data and, above all, different research methods:

Demographic, as regards the general basic data to start from. A quantitative analysis considers characteristics such as gender, age, and profession.

Sociological, with regard to values, opinions, interests, inclinations, habits, and attitudes. A qualitative analysis considers all those implicit and intrinsic motivations that move consumers.

Transactional, in case these personas have already bought, analyzing the history of their purchases, their feedback, their actions, non-actions, and re-actions. An analysis that is both quantitative and qualitative.

Behavioral, as regards the behavior of the person as a user. The actions or non-actions carried out to understand how it acts and interacts on the site, with its design, contents, and the various channels used.

The traditional analysis of a target audience is no longer enough; those to be analyzed (and reached) are the Personas.

What are the advantages of Personas analysis?

Personas analysis becomes the fundamental step before investing in digital marketing. A user-, customer- and above all, human-centered approach that gives marketing activities much more chance to convert and convert into winning strategies and campaigns.

More relevant content. Having in mind the person (s), the content will be targeted and measured according to his aptitudes, inclinations, needs, and all the baggage of characteristics of him.

Focused design. Knowing the personas and predicting their behavior, the design will be studied and structured ad-hoc to facilitate the path we want those personas to follow as much as possible.

More effective communication. Having in mind the who, the how and the why, communication will be more effective in all its components. From that product to that channel, with that content in that tone of voice.

Added value. The content conveyed will bring added value to the offer, to the brand, and above all, to the customer relationship, thus leading to indirect and almost natural customer loyalty.

Optimization of costs and energies. The ads campaigns will associate that product, that communication, and that channel to that person (s), thus saving costs and energy and paradoxically having a much better chance of converting.

In short, an innovative and effective method is that of the analysis of personas that puts the consumer (-person) at the center and, at the same time, the success of digital marketing activities within reach of strategy.

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