5 Tips For Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

In today’s post, we would like to give you some search engine optimization tips. Positioning the website of a company may not be easy, but there are those who think it can be a simple task. And the truth is that not everything depends on a factor; it is not just a matter of creating external links; there are many internal aspects that must also be taken into account.

In this post, we show you some tips to position your website in search engines that it would be important for you to take into account.

What Is Search Engine Optimization?

Depending on the quality, reputation, and content of your website, it will rank better or worse in search engines like Google.

Google has an algorithm that allows, based on a series of variables, to determine which page best responds to the search interests of users. In this way, a specific page may be well-positioned for certain keywords, while it may not be for others.

What it is about is to optimize our website, both its content and its technical aspects, so that you can position it better in Google and other search engines.

Key search engine optimization tips

What aspects must be taken into account so that your website is positioned well in the Google search engine?

Let’s look at some search engine optimization tips.


It makes no sense to start creating content without a strategy. You should use tools like Keysearch to analyze the level of searches for the keywords you want to rank for, as well as the competition you have for it.

Determine a list of the keywords that interest you the most. Ideally, let’s talk about 3- and 4-digit numbers in terms of search level (1000, 2000, 3000), but rule out trying to position yourself, at least still, for single-word or highly competitive keywords. Best keywords of 2 or 3 words.


Google and the search engines will take into account the structure of your website. First, you will surely have a homepage or home page. From this page, you should have some strong links to the categories that you would like to rank higher.

For example, choose 3-4 keywords that can be positioned well and put them as is in the menu of your page. It could be, for example, the services you sell. This will help Google see that your page is about the most important topics related to your area of ​​expertise.

Keep in mind that the value or reputation of your home page will carry over to the pages you are linking to, so you should give great importance to menu pages.


Once you have determined what your main pages are, start creating content through your blog. These pages should contain an internal link to one of the category pages that you would like to position. You can create, for example, content that is related to each of your services, and link to the page of that service from the text, always in a natural way. You must ensure that your content is 100% original and contains no traces of plagiarism. Plagiarism can deteriorate the SEO of your website; it can either face downfall in rankings or get you deindexed from the search results. Therefore, you can access smallseotools to check for plagiarism in your content before publishing it. This online tool will deeply investigate and crosscheck your uploaded text with millions of web pages’ content available over the web. As a result, it will show the percentage of text that is unique and plagiarized. This plagiarism checker is free of cost tool, allowing its users to check plagiarism in a matter of seconds.


The speed of a website is a factor that can greatly influence positioning. Especially on mobile devices, now that Google gives them priority when it comes to positioning a page.

You must bear in mind that if your website takes too long to load, this will affect the user, and it will cost you more to position yourself. Check the weight of the images on your website, the JavaScript, and the CSS.


If you want to get your page to rank well, you need to get external links. This can be done naturally, simply by the content you generate, waiting for someone to decide to share it. Or you can create them yourself, through blog networks or pages where content can be published.

You must create original and well-developed content, in which you can insert an unforced link to your website. If you write on someone else’s page, you have to be careful that the content is not purely commercial, or they will surely reject you.

The links must be placed periodically, without repeating the anchor text too many times, always looking for naturalness. To build natural and high authority links for the websites, Doting Word Solutions offers link building services that improves the authority of the websites.

Do You Want To Position Your Website On The Internet?

If you want to position your website in search engines, it is of great importance that you have a good strategy.

The first and most important thing would be that you could analyze your website in-depth and know it in detail so that you are more clear about how to approach the content.

That said, for example, improving the design of your website so that it has a better speed or can be viewed well on mobile devices, also, for the generation of SEO content and the optimization of the internal SEO of your website.

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