Here Are Some Home Automation Suggestions To Make Life Easier For The Elderly

Home Automation Suggestions

The demographics of the United Kingdom are shifting. We’re living longer than prior generations have in the past, by almost ten years. Consequently, people from various backgrounds are now confronted with the dilemma of figuring out how to effectively care for aged and fragile family members.

20% of British citizens are 65 or older, and many family caregivers are looking for methods to help their loved one’s age in place, remain independent, and do it in a dignified manner.

Smart home technology has grown increasingly common in recent years, making life easier and more comfortable for the average person. That said, smart home solutions are now being looked at to help the elderly remain at home as pleasantly as possible.

According to Ofcom data, 43% of individuals over 65 own at least one Wi-Fi-connected device, be it a smartphone, laptop, or tablet. If you’re still unclear about whether older people can or want to adapt to new technologies, this is a 44 percent increase over 2016, indicating that older people are increasingly embracing technology.

Lighting that is controlled by voice

Getting up after a fall isn’t always an option for the elderly. For those with movement issues, such as arthritis, voice-controlled lighting can help alleviate some of the environmental obstacles that contribute to falls.

Homeowners may create “scenes” or group lights together with smart lighting systems. These systems can use existing wiring from standard switches and dimmers and replace them with smart lighting controllers. If they’re connected to a voice-controlled device like Alexa, they can also quickly “ask” for a room to be lighted, so users aren’t fumbling about in the dark looking for switches, which increases the risk of an accident.

Using IFTTT (If This Then That) software

Connecting numerous devices to one home automation system allows smart home installers to set triggers for times of the day or when a specific event happens.

As an illustration, you may be alerted if an elderly relative leaves a door unlocked between 6pm and 8am. The heating and cooling system can be programmed to respond automatically to changes in the weather outside or to changes in the time of day.

Security lights can be configured to come on automatically at sunset or at certain intervals during the evening, saving the user the hassle of remembering to do so every night.

There are solutions for those with hearing loss, such as a video intercom that shows them who is at the door, so they don’t answer the door to a stranger.

Cameras with built-in WiFi

Should the need arise, images and audio can be sent directly to a caregiver’s smartphone in real time. Smart intercoms at the front door, as seen in many new developments like Southside Residencies, allow your loved ones to view and communicate with visitors straight from a tablet or phone before letting them in. Wireless cameras may be readily placed throughout the house.

Keypads that control lights from a distance

Select lighting fixtures may be turned on and off automatically based on the time of day using smart lighting keypads, such as dimming hallway lights to make trips to the toilet or kitchen safer at night is an option.

For the elderly, smart lighting that is configured appropriately might also act as timely reminders. Kitchen lights might flash when it’s time for medicine or the mail is delivered.

Smart lighting keypad buttons can also make routines easier to complete. When a user presses only one button, a command may be launched that, for example, shuts off all the lights before going to bed or activates them all when someone comes to the door.

Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats maintain desired temperature settings throughout the day, eliminating the need to fiddle with buttons or knobs.

If a loved one is too hot or chilly, the temperature may be adjusted via a mobile device.

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