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What are SEO Optimized WordPress Themes? There are several. We have selected the best 5. Find out in this article.

The choice of a good theme is fundamental for the success of a website as it is able to make it more enjoyable from an aesthetic point of view but also more performing on a technical level. In this guide to choosing the SEO-optimized WordPress theme, we will find out together which are the five best solutions.

What is an SEO-friendly template?

Before analyzing the various SEO-optimized WordPress themes in detail, it is good to clarify what SEO-friendly templates really mean.

First, it must be clarified that those who decide to open a website should think about an SEO strategy well before the site is put online. The reasoning from an SEO perspective, in fact, should also guide the design phase of the website and, specifically, the choice of the theme.

Several elements make an SEO-friendly template:

  • It must not have errors in the code that could deceive Google and cause the site to be displayed incorrectly.
  • It must be responsive; that is, it must know how to adapt and be viewable correctly on any device.
  • It has good usability and is fast, two very important requirements for users and for Google.
  • Must be prepared for the markup (which serves to make information visible to users and understandable to search engines), compatible with optimization plug-ins, and integrated with social media.

The best WordPress themes for SEO

Themes with built-in Page Builder

  • YooTheme PRO, which positively stands out for the speed and quality of the drawings in the site library but which has high costs compared to its competitors
  • Oxygen 2.0: it’s fast, has a good site library regarding the quality of the designs (albeit with a limited number of layouts) and has a relatively low cost.

Multipurpose Themes with Third Party Page Builder

  • Generate Press, compatible with Elementor and Beaver visual editors. It is one of the fastest WordPress themes. In addition, it is easy to implement and inexpensive compared to other solutions. The weak point is the site library, which is not very extensive.
  • Astra is also capable of supporting Elementor and Beaver. Compared to direct competitors, the cost is not very low. Fast and clean code, it has a large site library, albeit with room for improvement in the quality of the drawings.
  • OceanWP, like the previous two, is a multipurpose theme with third-party page builders and is well compatible with Elementor. It is a theme particularly suitable for sales, thanks to the integration with Woocommerce. The site library has features similar to those of Astra. Alongside the good results in terms of speed and ease of implementation, however, a not particularly low price is highlighted.

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