Mesh Router, Repeater or Power Line: Which Is Best For Your Internet?

Mesh Router, Repeater or Power Line Which Is Best For Your Internet

Having an ideal Wi-Fi connection depends on several factors, including the devices that do your distribution. In a common network, repeaters or power line devices can improve the signal at specific points or increase its range

In addition, it is possible to opt for a system of mesh routers, which have already been on the market for some years.

Choosing the best way to use wireless Internet in the home requires considering the type of environment in which the network devices will be installed, how each one works, and their costs and limitations. 

To help you decide which model is best for you, we have created an article about it.

Repeaters: Lower performance

Repeaters, as their name suggests, are devices that collect and transmit the signal from an already installed router, thus increasing the range of the network. Therefore, the device is a signal extender and does not create an Internet connection. 

On the other hand, signal replication can be problematic, as the waves face obstacles not only reaching the device but also following connected devices. Some models work with an Ethernet cable connected directly to the router, which can still be a problem for larger homes.

Power lines

The power line, like repeaters, replicates the signal created by an already installed router. The difference is that these devices transmit the signal through the home’s electrical network, and connecting the devices by cable directly to the socket is possible. 

Another possibility is to have a wireless access point in another part of the house without the risk of signal loss due to physical obstacles.

It is important to remember that, as this type of signal retransmission depends on the electrical network, it is important that it is well maintained; Otherwise, the connection loses power. 

Mesh router: easy configuration and higher speeds

Mesh routers work in the same way as conventional models. The difference is that these devices work together and are always sold in kits of two, three or even more devices

The network they created is expansive and works in a kind of extension, changing units depending on the distance and always looking for the best signal. This change occurs automatically since the mesh routers analyze which device has the best access quality, also considering the demand for each.

The main problem with these systems is the price, which is still relatively high compared to others. In addition, the network can experience instability in places with many physical barriers, which leads to instability. 

Likewise, connection speeds are usually more modest than other solutions since their range is lower. 

How to choose the best option?

To know your ideal model, some observations are necessary, such as the type of environment.

 Large homes, with lots of open space and few physical barriers, can be ideal for installing a mesh network to reach all points of the property.

 In smaller spaces and with many obstacles, it may be interesting to opt for a power line, as long as the electrical wiring is up to date. Likewise, repeaters are ideal for medium-sized environments without many walls since the waves have greater freedom to reach the device from the router.

It is important to remember that these evaluations are not decisive, but they can help you choose the right product for your home or office.

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