How Asynchronous Learning Can Aid Your Spiritual Journey

Asynchronous Learning

Embracing a spiritual journey can take on many different forms, including online courses, reading material, and in-app guidance. What is the difference between synchronous vs. asynchronous learning? While synchronous learning has some advantages because of the benefit of a live teacher sharing examples and interacting with all participants in real-time, asynchronous online learning gives students a chance to learn on their terms under a model that fits almost any schedule.

Since spiritual awakening doesn’t happen on a straight line, asynchronous studies are the perfect match for those wanting to expand their mind.

How Does Asynchronous Learning Impact a Spiritual Journey?

The National Center for Education Statistics reported a huge increase in the number of online learners during the COVID-19 pandemic. By the fall of 2020, around 75% of undergraduate students took at least some of their courses via distance learning.

How does the freedom of asynchronous learning help a spiritual journey specifically? Exactly what happens on a spiritual journey? Typically, the person explores some inner aspects of themselves. A spiritual journey can also include looking to a higher power, too.

Asynchronous learning gives students a chance to pull in their own life experiences and resources. It frees up their time to join clubs, go to religious ceremonies, or spend time meditating and journaling. Here are the ways asynchronous learning aids the spiritual journey.

1. Improve Understanding

Studies show medical spiritual journeys aid healing and improve the relationship between doctors and their patients. Most people want their medical providers to ask questions about their spirituality, but few doctors feel comfortable doing so.

When a med student goes on a spiritual journey, they gain a better understanding of what they believe and a new respect for patients’ beliefs.

2. Try New Learning Techniques

Non-traditional learning methods may help students embrace their spiritual journeys in new ways. In-app guidance allows people to understand new features and learn how to use software during the regular workflow of their daily tasks. Rather than stopping and taking an entire course, they can apply what they’ve discovered immediately, making learning hands-on.

For example, a Christian on a spiritual journey might decide to read through the Bible in a year. At a certain time of the day, an app sends them a ping reminding them to read their material for the day or work on a short devotional. If the user doesn’t understand a passage, they can look up the context or read in-depth study guides.

3. Tend to Spiritual Well-Being

A number of apps help people get more mentally focused. Perhaps the spiritual journey includes stilling the mind or overcoming past trauma. Apps for counseling sessions, exercises, and other activities acclimate to the individual and ensure one gets mentally fit.

4. Seek Influence

According to the National Institutes of Health, certain areas of the brain light up when humans are surrounded by others. The impact of peers can change behavior, attitude, and outlook on life.

It’s been said humans become most like the people they spend the most time with. If you want to go on a spiritual journey and learn, seek other people on the same walk. Asynchronous learning with others might include a book group where everyone reads the same book but posts their thoughts as they find the time.

Other examples include social media, where a thought or question appears and people chime in as they’re able. Seek out influence from people smarter than you or who’ve already walked their spiritual journey. You’ll learn the most by engaging with mentors.

5. Make Time

People often have the best of intentions to dig into their spiritual journey, but life is busy and things get in the way. The best element of asynchronous learning is being able to start and stop studies as needed.

Students can walk away from lessons in a course and then pick right back up where they left off. Asynchronous learning also allows one to backtrack to any lessons not fully understood. Review as much as needed for knowledge.

Guidance for the Spiritual Journey

Growing the mind and spirit requires determination. Asynchronous learning with in-app guidance lets people embrace goals to delve into spiritual journeys. Asynchronous learning makes it seem like less of a chore and more like a game. Use an app to tick off checklists and see how far your mind can take you.

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