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Artificial Intelligence: It Is The Future Also For Marketing, But Few Use It

The state of things Artificial intelligence future of marketing. Reading the survey results by Inside Marketing, “77% of company managers believe in the importance of applying AI to the organization. 52% of business leaders then admit that this knowledge is not widespread within their company and that AI is unclear to many”.  This survey makes […]

Industry 4.0 And Big Data: Three Things To Know To Excel

Big Data and  Fintech Era: what perfect combination for the year 2018? With technological innovation, a new form of wealth has increasingly established itself. We all know it as the science of Big Data or “big data,” affecting all business sectors (banking, finance, manufacturing, insurance, PA, etc.) Big Data and Digital Transformation are increasingly affecting […]

Predictive Analytics Systems: Why Make The Transition?

Predictive Analytics Systems: Company data is becoming increasingly useful and important, both for marketing issues and the structure’s internal organization. Management must necessarily take care of the need to store and analyze the data themselves, using BI techniques, but to keep up with the times, more than the application of business intelligence is required. Today, […]

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