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Seven Collaboration Tools For The Workplace Of The Future

Workplace Of The Future: Companies’ demand for collaboration tools has increased dramatically in recent years – especially following the Covid-19 pandemic. According to the World Trade Index 2022, this trend is welcomed with enthusiasm, which sees 53% of people considering adopting this approach in the coming year. Complicit in this growth is undoubtedly hybrid work. […]

Digital Workspace: The Challenges Between Shadow IT And Consumerization

It is now a fact that the traditional workspace has evolved and has taken on a new connotation,  transforming itself into a digital workspace. An important impetus towards this transformation indeed came from the need to adapt to the situation created following the pandemic; however, the process was already underway. Various realities were rethinking workspaces, […]

What Happens If We Put Pressure On Primary Storage? The Results Of a Storage Test

Primary Storage: In the IT infrastructure of organizations, the storage component has strategic importance because it stores, takes charge of data, and makes them available for all systems and workstations. This occurs typically in standard work situations, but to guarantee good Business Continuity, it must also happen following failures or problems of various kinds whose […]

Building a Brand vs. Paid Acquisition: Which Is Best For Your Business?

The business world has gone through some serious transformations in the past decade. With the inclusion of Fintech, AI, and other new advancements, the world of branding and marketing has also changed. Businesses are deploying various business strategies to maximize reach and ROI. However, the main segmentation you’ll encounter is the choice between building a […]

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